Cassie is 6 Months Old!

Cassie’s been 6 months old for several days now, but I’ve been busier than usual. Without further ado, here is her official 6 month photo:

Cassie and her bear and bee

Six months has been huge for our little girl. In fact, our little girl is getting to be HUGE! She’s 18 pounds, 11 ounces and 27 inches long. This puts her in the 90th percentile for weight and height.

She started sitting up by herself! She’s been working very hard at it all month, and finally got it just a few days before her 6th month “birthday.” She also tried baby food. So far, she only really likes oatmeal and avocado (though not together). She seems to be OK with sweet potatoes and carrots (from jars). She doesn’t really like applesauce (but it could be the brands we’re trying). I gave her a couple of mashed up peas and she really didn’t know what to do with them. I’ve given her organic vanilla wafers as teething cookies. She likes them for a minute or two, then gets bored.

Cassie keeps her head level with her body when she’s pulled to sitting.

She is babbling a bit less than she used to. I saw this in Jackson too, when he started sitting up. It’s like they’re using all of their brain power to figure out this “staying upright” thing. When she does babble, she’s putting lots of sounds together. I swear today she was trying to say, “book”.

Now that she’s sitting, I have no doubt that standing will be coming soon. She bears weight on her legs and prefers to stand on your lap instead of sitting on it. She can also stand leaning up against the couch pillows and look out the window for short periods of time.

She’s discovered raspberries! Pbbbt!

She doesn’t really object if you take her toys away, but she will work to get toys that are out of her reach. She can pass a toy from one hand to the other. She drops things, but she doesn’t really care about them once they’re gone. That is, she doesn’t know where they go when they’re not in her hands.

She’s figured out how to use the wood floors to scoot around a little bit. She doesn’t like to be on her back. She prefers to be on her tummy and will roll over within moments of being put on her back, even in her crib.

Now that she can sit, she can use the high chair we’ve been saving since Jackson outgrew it. So far, she’s really liking it! One of her Easter presents was an Exersaucer, or, as Max calls it, the “Overstimulation Station.” She’s getting used to it, but it’s a lot for her to take in, so she’s only in it for brief periods of time now.

We’ve been watching Signing Time almost every day and I’ve been trying to use signs for common objects, such as “bottle” and “water.” She likes to drink out of her sippy and out of my glass.

Here are a few pictures from the month of April:

Robyn feeding Cassie oatmeal

Cassie's First Oatmeal

Cassie in her Easter Dress

Cassie in her Easter Dress

Cassie and Jackson in their Easter clothes

Happy Easter!

Cassie in her Exersaucer

Cassie in her Exersaucer (aka the "Overstimulation Station")

Cassie in her purple dress

Best Picture Ever!

Cassie in her purple dress

Dressed up for a birthday party!

Cassie sitting up

Cassie Sits (sort of)

Jackson talks to Cassie in her high chair

Cassie's First Night in the High Chair

I was looking for Jackson’s 6 month update post, but I couldn’t find it. I never did one! Here’s his 6 month photo:

Jackson with his bear and his cow

For the record, he was 15 pounds, 14 ounces and 24 inches long. (So, 3 pounds lighter and 3 inches shorter than his sister.)


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