The Twilight-Themed Baby Shower

Last Sunday, I co-hosted a Twilight-themed baby shower. I thought it was awesome. The expectant mom thought it was awesome. Therefore, it was awesome.

Back story: My friend Shaina is pregnant with her fifth child. When she told me, I realized that she hadn’t met our group of friends until she was pregnant with her fourth child, and we didn’t know her very well then. I happen to think every child – first, second, fifth, tenth – deserves a shower, so I immediately offered to throw her one. Shaina said she didn’t need one, but it wasn’t about need, and she did look like she wanted one. I said something about her sparkling… and the Twilight-themed baby shower was born! Shaina is far more of a Twilight fan than I am, though I think I’m a little more “squee” about what I do like. So anyway… our mutual friend Liz offered to have it at her house. Shaina picked April Fool’s Day. I joined Pinterest and started planning.

Oddly enough, although there are tons of Twilight party ideas on the web, there aren’t a lot of Twilight baby showers. I took some of the movie party ideas and added a few ideas of my own. This blog post is mostly photos of what we did.

First, the invitation:

Twilight Baby Shower Invite

The fonts are Twilight (of course) and Times New Roman (in which the books are set). The background is from the digital scrapbooking kit Fanpire, by Tangie and the swirls are by Fairytale Studios.

Then, we planned the food. We decided to go with lasagna, because Bella makes it for Charlie. You can’t have Italian without garlic bread and salad. For snacks/appetizers, I made Rosalie’s Werewolf Kibble and sliced some apples. Although there are tons of Twilight cocktail and mocktail recipes, I decided to keep it simple. Shaina loved the blood type labels from Hostess with the Mostess, and I really wanted to use the punch bowl that Max and I received for our wedding back in 2002. So we got some Crystal Geyser juice and wrapped them in the aforementioned labels, and I chose Bloody Bella punch. For all of the food and drink, I grabbed some quotes from the books. Thankfully, I have the books in PDF, so I could search for the word “salad” and find two instances, in Twilight. (The papers and elements in the quotes are from the digital scrapbooking kit Fanpire, by Tangie.)

Don't you want to know if I drink blood?

Don't you want to know if I drink blood?

Bloody Bella punch

Bloody Bella punch. "Drink" ~ Edward, Twilight

Drinks and apples

Drinks and apples

Girl drinking bottle labeled Type B

Shaina's daughter drinking Type B

Lasagna, salad, and garlic bread

Lasagna, salad, and garlic bread, with quotes from the books for each

Rosalie's Werewolf Kibble

Rosalie's Werewolf Kibble: this stuff is awesome and addictive!

Aren't you concerned about my diet?

Aren't you concerned about my diet?

For me, one of the best ways to incorporate a theme is to get an amazing cake. There are a number of Twilight cake examples online. Shaina picked one, and I called Jen of Jen’s Custom Cakes and Pastries. I gave her a picture, and she gave me this cake:

Twilight cake, photo one

Twilight cake, photo two

Cake toppers

Cake toppers: All edible! The apple is a Rice Krispie treat covered in fondant

Jen’s cakes are always beautiful and tasty!

I tend to go light on decorations in general. Because most Twilight decorations seemed to be for nighttime parties, and this one was the middle of the day, I suppose I went especially light. I just got some red and black streamers for one room. I created a centerpiece for one of the three tables, based on the book covers. I couldn’t find a black and white chessboard, so the morning of the party, I made a chessboard using cardboard, 12×12 white paper, a Creative Memories square punch, and black paper. I also couldn’t find black and white chess pieces, so my Dad gave me some extra pieces that I painted white and red. The tulip is a fake white tulip painted red. Ironically, Liz has the “New Moon” tulips in her front yard, growing for real. Her husband offered to let me use one, but they were too pretty to cut. I sprinkled feathers liberally on this table and on the candy buffet table.

Twilight centerpiece, apple, tulip, ribbon, chessboard and pieces, feathers

Twilight centerpiece

The candy buffet table? Yes! Shaina decided that she wanted a candy buffet as part of the favors. I actually had a lot of fun coming up with a candy for each of the Cullens and Bella. There were also a few random candies, chosen for looks, taste, or both, that I managed to fit in as well. Each candy was put into a glass holder and I typed up quotes to go with all of them.

  • Bella = Strawberry Bon Bons
  • Edward = Butterscotch
  • Carlisle = Chocolate Band-Aids
  • Esme = Caramels
  • Emmett = Gummy Bears
  • Rosalie = Candy Bling Rings
  • Jasper = Sour Patch Kids
  • Alice = Pixie Stix
  • Breaking Dawn = Hershey’s Kisses
  • Baby = Easter M&Ms
  • Immortality = Old Fashioned Candy Sticks
  • Volterra = Red Licorice
  • Eyes = Black Licorice
Candy buffet

Candy buffet

Dr. Carlisle Cullen, Chocolate Band-Aids

Dr. Carlisle Cullen, Chocolate Band-Aids

Esme Cullen, Caramels

Esme Cullen, Caramels

Alice Cullen, Pixie Stix

Alice Cullen, Pixie Stix

"Are you going to be my Valentine?"

"So are you going to be my Valentine? Since you didn't get me a fifty cent box of candy, it's the least you can do."

To complete the favors, I printed out bookmarks from Binty’s Designs. I also made a “Twilight Lullabies” CD, because Shaina wanted something baby-related. So I took the “soothing songs from the Twilight playlists and soundtracks” and put them on a CD. Everything was in a clear bag that Jackson and I decked out with sparkles.

Twilight favors

Bookmark and CD in bling-ed bag

I almost forgot about the Mini Moose banner. For reasons that are kind of long to explain, Shaina and her family call the baby “Mini Moose.” I saw this banner and created a banner in the same style. Shaina found Twilight-inspired paper at JoAnn Fabrics. I printed large letters in the Twilight font and cut them out. This is the banner on my table – I didn’t get a really good one of it on the wall.

Mini moose banner

Mini moose banner

I should probably add a picture of Shaina, huh?

Shaina and plates

Shaina and plate

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