Jackson’s Second Parent/Teacher Conference

I’ve had so much going on in my head that I completely forgot to write about Jackson’s parent/teacher conference, which took place two weeks ago.

ACA II doesn’t give grades. The kids work on assessments and then we get detailed reports of how they’re doing.

“Jackson has followed routines and expectations very diligently. He continues to do well verbally and understanding concepts being presented. His challenge is organization and fine motor tasks… Jackson loses focus and interest in work when he has to use fine motor abilities to complete the task.”

Basically, if Jackson has to write, he loses focus. How ironic, dontcha think?

The teacher is concerned about his fine motor skills. Seeing as Jackson plays with Legos, tweezes, picks things up, and that his fine motor skills were always ahead of the game when he was a baby, Max and I think he just doesn’t like writing.

His perseverance needs some help too. He gets discouraged if he doesn’t think he can complete something, or if he doesn’t complete something by the end of the day. We could be contributing to that, I suppose… we try to emphasize that he just has to try his best, but that he really has to try his best.

Overall, Jackson is doing really well. He’s happy to be at school all day. He’s completing his tasks more often now. And everyone still wants to be his friend!

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