Cassie is 5 Months Old!

Yesterday, Cassie turned 5 months old! What a big girl she’s getting to be!

Cassie with her bee and bear

There’s a story behind her outfit. The top reads, “A wish come true.” I bought this outfit in New Hampshire in September 2010. I had no idea when we’d have our baby girl, but when I saw that outfit, I knew I had to have it. Cassie really is a wish come true. Jackson said, “Cassie is my lifelong dream.”

Previously, she had rolled once or twice. On Saturday, she began really rolling! Now, I have yet to see her roll over. Max has seen it. Jackson’s seen it. I put her in her crib after changing her diaper, turned to the diaper table to get the diaper to flush, turned back, and she was on her tummy. So, I know she rolls. In fact, she seems to prefer to be on her tummy. She pushes herself up. We put her on the wood floor, and she tried to Army crawl. So cute!

Let’s see how she’s doing on her other five month milestones…

She’s been holding her head steady while upright for awhile now. She can hold her head level with her body when we pull her up to sitting.

She watches objects with her eyes. In fact, she likes to watch me eat and drink. She can drink out of a cup too.

She totally squeals with delight. Especially if Big Brother (aka BB) is involved.

She started reaching for objects last week. She likes her rattles and teether toys.

She’s such a smiley baby!

She bears a lot of weight on her legs. She prefers to stand on laps to sitting on them.

She’s babbling. She can say “boo.” She’s accidentally said “hey” and “mama” too.

She can razz – that’s something that started within the last week. She loves it when you do raspberries to her.

She’s been turning in the direction of a voice for quite some time.

So she can do all of the “should be able to” and “will probably be able to” items in What to Expect the First Year.

She can’t sit up by herself yet, though she’s trying. She’s also teething, so everything goes in her mouth. We did give her some applesauce to try. She enjoyed it, but doesn’t so much like the spoon.

I leave you with two more pictures of our fabulous little girl.

Cassie sort of sitting

Cassie on her tummy

Remember when Jackson was 5 months old?

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