I Love gDiapers! (Even if I’ll Never Have a Garden Lavender)

I’ve been meaning for some time now to blog about our diapers of choice: gDiapers!

We tried straight-up cloth for Jackson for six months, but we never really liked anything we tried. Around Christmas 2006, my father forwarded me a message about gDiapers – a cloth/disposable hybrid sort of diaper. I convinced Max to try them. There was a learning curve, but we did start using them full time when Jackson was 15 or 16 months old.

Towards the end of 2007, gDiapers changed their style. I vastly preferred the “NS” (new style) g’s, and we used them until Jackson finally began wearing undies, around Easter 2008.

This time around, we wanted to use g’s from the beginning. I amassed more than 20 small gDiapers. When it came time to go to Louisiana, I just couldn’t imagine washing g’s in the hotel laundry, so we used *gasp* disposables! The day after we got home, we started using the g’s. We haven’t bought a disposable since.

I’m writing about this now because Amber is having a giveaway on her blog. She does a very good job of describing the wonders of gDiapers. I really cannot recommend them enough. They’re the best of both worlds, and they’re environmentally friendly! It doesn’t hurt that the gDiapers employees are among the nicest people I’ve ever heard of running a company.

What’s up with the title of my post? Well, just around the time that Jackson was done with g’s, gDiapers came out with the best color ever – Garden Lavender. I couldn’t justify the expense, knowing we were so close to toilet training. Now that I have Cassie, I wish I had. Garden Lavender g’s are now selling, used, for around $50. They were $16.99 when they came out. You see, gDiapers runs colors for about a year or two, then discontinues them. Some g’s are very hard to find. I still need a large Glam Black, for example. But Garden Lavender is my unicorn. There aren’t a lot of them, and when people sell them, they’re very expensive.

See how cute g’s are?



6 thoughts on “I Love gDiapers! (Even if I’ll Never Have a Garden Lavender)

  1. LOVE our cloth diapers. When we went to WI we used disposable for a week. DH wasn’t as sold on them until midway thru the trip he said “I think I like cloth better, the disposables stink like chemicals!” I love him 🙂 We are using bumgenius.

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