Cassie is 4 Months Old!

Cassie officially turned four months old today. I thought she turned four months old yesterday, so I ended up taking two sets of 4 month pictures. Here’s the official one:

Cassie with her bear and bee

Cassie is 15 pounds, 6 ounces and 25.5 inches long. She’s in the 90th percentile for height and weight. She’s more than half of Jackson’s height. (He’s 44 inches and 44 pounds.)

Cassie can hold her head up while she’s on her tummy. She actually enjoys a little bit of tummy time. She can raise her chest, or, as Jackson says, “Sissy you just did a push up!”

She can laugh out loud, especially when Big Brother is misbehaving to make her do so. She also likes jumping on the bed with him. I’ll have to have Daddy take some video.

She “tracks like a bloodhound” with her eyes – that’s a quote from her doctor.

She can totally hold her head steady. She keeps her head level when you pull her to a sitting position.

She just started holding toys, like her rattle and teether toy. However, she doesn’t really reach for objects.

She has rolled over once, in her swing. Now, we buckle her in better. She’s really trying to roll from back to front, but she can’t seem to make her legs go over.

She has been turning in the direction of a voice for months now. She really recognizes my voice, Daddy’s, and Big Brother’s. She’s also intrigued by other babies when they make noise.

She’s babbling a little bit. We have one or two babble sessions per day. “Ooo” seems to be big on her list. She’s accidentally said “hi” and something that sounds like “mama”.

She’s been bearing weight on her legs when held upright since she was three months old. I think she’s going to be an early walker.

She can’t sit without support yet.

That’s our little girl!

Remember when Jackson was four months old?



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