Cassie is Three Months Old!

Cassie officially turned three months old today. I dressed her in an outfit that my good friend Helena sent all the way from Spain. Jackson and I like it. Max says she looks like “the background on Laugh-In” and that “it’s something that Peter Sellars on acid would find a little loud.”

I’ll let you be the judge.

Honey, Cassie, and Cassie's Bear

At three months, Cassie can hold her head up at about 45 degrees when we put her on her tummy. But we don’t put her on her tummy too often. She likes it more than Jackson did, but she still doesn’t like it that much. I don’t use a protractor, but it looks like she can hold her head up between 45 and 90 degrees. We’ll try to do more tummy time this month.

Cassie laughed for the first time today! I was giving her kisses, and I think my hair tickled her face, and she laughed! Jackson says she laughed at him before, but this was the first time I heard her. She makes delighted noises that are sort of like squeals. She is incredibly smiley! Except when I get the camera out. I can rarely catch her smiling. I got her in the photo shoot, but the cat (Sassy) got in the way:

Cassie Smiling

She can follow objects with her eyes. In fact, she seems to enjoy doing so. She looks at everything! Especially light and colorful objects. She’s interested in Sassy cat, but not so much in the other two cats. Firefly is very interested in Cassie. Sassy is only interested in Cassie when I’m holding Cassie, because then I can pet Sassy with my other hand. She looks for the source of voices, especially mine, Daddy’s, and Big Brother’s.

She can hold her head very steady. She’s beginning to try to roll over. She kind of heaves her body up, but lacks the momentum to actually roll over. She can also keep her head level with her body when we pull her up to sit. She likes to be held sitting up these days.

She can grasp items, but seems to prefer not to. For example, she can hold her rattle and her teething toy, but doesn’t do so for very long. Yes, I said “teething toy.” I think she’s teething. Two of her siblings got their first teeth at around four months. She doesn’t care very much for toys and won’t try to grasp things yet. She prefers to suck on her fists.

Cassie sucking on her fist

She can totally bear weight on her legs. I wouldn’t be surprised if this child is an early walker. I keep forgetting she can’t actually stand.

Cassie coos and even babbles now, but not nearly as much as Jackson did. She does say “ah goo” but it’s not her favorite combination. She likes “ooo” and “uh”.

She’s almost grown out of her small gDiapers, which go up to 14 pounds. She’s almost out of her 0-3 month outfits that have feet. I predict she’ll be totally out of them by four months. She can wear medium gDiapers, though they’re a tad big on her. She’ll have her check up next month, so we’ll know how much she weighs and how tall (long) she is.

And while we’re on the topic… remember Jackson at three months?


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