Six Years Ago

On Friday, January 13, 2006, Jackson was supposed to be born. His birthmother had arranged to be induced on Friday the 13th. We arrived in Missouri late on the 11th, and met S and her family on the 12th. At some point, we realized that if Jackson were born on the 13th, then he would be released on Monday the 16th, which was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – a holiday. No court. No court means no judge to accept the TPR. No TPR means who the heck is Jackson going to go home with?

So S changed her induction day to Monday, January 16th. I wrote extensively about Jackson’s birth:

This year, Monday, January 16th was again Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. My son turns six on a Tuesday, the day he was born.  The poem says, “Tuesday’s child is full of grace.”*

My son may not always be the easiest child, but he is certainly the best son a mother could ask for. I love him, and I thank God every day for him and for his birthmother.

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Jackson with certificate of completion

First Skating Lesson Complete

Jackson ice skating

Practicing Ice Skating

Cassie, Jackson, & Robyn

Family Dinner

Speaking of full of grace… here is Jackson’s third time on roller blades, with cousins Eliana and Eden pulling him along.

Eliana, Jackson on roller blades, Eden


Eliana, Jackson on roller blades, Eden


Eliana, Jackson on roller blades, Eden

Lifted Up

* Coincidentally, Cassie is a Tuesday’s child too. Max and I are both Friday’s children (“loving and giving”).


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