Sassy and Jackson

(I’m converting our domain,, into our professional web site and moving all personal content to this blog. Eventually, I’ll have to figure out what to do with it and how to organize it. Until then, I’m just creating a series of posts with the .net content.)

First writing: Sassy is intrigued by Jack. She has sniffed him. If Robyn is sitting somewhere with Jack, especially during formula time, she sits on the arm of the couch or chair. If Robyn is sitting in front of the computer, holding Jack in one hand and typing with the other, Sassy climbs on her lap. Sassy sleeps on Robyn’s head every night. She has not made any overtures toward Jack at all.

Update #1: Jack has now noticed Sassy and is fascinated by her tail, for which he reaches whenever he sees her. Sassy will not come near Jack when he is alone, and will only come close to him with Robyn if he is motionless.

Update #2: Sassy will allow Jack to come near her if he’s in the proper cat worship phase. Otherwise, she runs away from him, often just before he can reach her, thus making Jack crawl back across the room to get her again. She thinks it’s good exercise for Jack.

Update #3: Sassy runs away from Jack. Jack can now say “freak out Sassy” because Jack freaks Sassy out. Jack does not like Jinxy, as she may have scratched him. Seeing as how he probably tried to pick her up or pull her tail, we do not blame Jinxy.

Update #4: Sassy doesn’t let Jack get near her. At this moment, Sassy is actually very ill. Jack has been very nice to Sassy.


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