First Trip to the Emergency Room

Cassie’s fine.

On New Year’s Day night, around 11 pm, she started coughing. Then, she started coughing so much, Max went up to hold her. She kept coughing. She had a hard time catching her breath. It sounded like she was wheezing.

I tend to underreact to these things. My mom was very into the emergency room. We were regulars there. I don’t think it did me any good, frankly. Max tends to overreact. So, we called the pediatrician’s recommended advice nurse. She couldn’t hear anything on the phone, but said we should take Cassie to the ER.

Off I went. The ER was packed. There were easily 14,000 people there. OK, I exaggerate, but not by much.

The incredibly nice man at the registration desk said we’d be triaged immediately, but that the wait for a doctor was 1-1/2 to 3 hours.

We were, in fact, triaged immediately. A lovely nurse named Theresa took Cassie’s temperature (99.7) and oxygen level (100%), then listed to her breathe. She couldn’t hear wheezing. Truly, Cassie’s breathing had improved quite a bit since we got out of the car and calmed her down. I said I’d be happier staying up with her all night and keeping her upright on me than sitting in an ER full of sick people. The nurse essentially concurred.

We came home. I stayed up with her until 6 am, reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I’m embarrassed to say that I only read about 230 pages in 3.5 hours. Anyway, at 5:30 am, Cassie ate and immediately fell back asleep. In 4 hours, she coughed 3 times. It sounded a little croupy, but it passed pretty quick.

Cassie is still congested from her cold. She hasn’t coughed an insane amount since that one bout on New Year’s Day.

Any bets on how much that ER visit’s going to cost?

2 thoughts on “First Trip to the Emergency Room

  1. I hope little Cassie is okay, its probably good you took her in to get checked out. Hope she gets over the nasty cough/cold soon. I will never forget the night we spent in the ER with Colin…he was about a year old and we rang in the new year in an ER room, surrounded by doctors toasting apple juice while we watched little guy take breathing treatments. He ended up having RSV. *sigh* No fun at all.

  2. I remember when this happened with D for the first time. It was roughly 2 am and i heard what i thought was a seal barking in the hallway, i went to investigate and discovered D coughing so hard that he was beginning to turn blue. Shaina and i aren’t big ER fans either (diabetes and childbirth make for interesting assumptions and therefore interesting visits to the ER) but there was NO WAY i was staying home with him turning blue, so i threw on clothes and made it to the hospital in under 10 minutes (impressive since it’s normally a 30 minute drive), when i got there his breathing had all but gone back to normal, and so had his color. We made it back through triage and waited out the doctor with D, confused as to what exactly had happened, curled up in my lap. the doc came in looked at him and said “he has croupe” 30 minutes later we were back home as though nothing had happened…. As a parent there are few things more terrifying than the first experience with croupe, and few things that make you feel as foolish when the docs so casually dismiss you from care with instructions to if it happens again, run a hot shower and steam up a bathroom and let them breathe it, or let them play outside in the cold for a few minutes…. So Kudos for keeping your cool as well as you did.

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