First Christmas/Sixth Christmas

This was Cassie’s first Christmas and Jackson’s sixth Christmas. Jackson was FAR more excited than Cassie.

I was woken up just before 8:00 am. I drove over to Starbucks, where I somehow managed to order the proper coffee for the grandparents and for myself. I returned home, where Jackson was chomping at the bit to open his first present of the day, and Sissy’s. Sissy could not have cared less, which disappointed Jackson.

Jackson got to open one present, then wanted to open another. Fortunately, the grandparents arrived and brought more presents! Jackson and Max distributed the presents. We each got to open one – in age order, per Jackson’s instructions – then Jackson opened all of his. He was so excited to play with his presents, and upset that Cassie didn’t care about hers, that he said I could open her presents. I did, which was kind of odd since I had bought most of them. But we did get some very lovely surprises from friends and family.

Jackson received $45, the Kreo Starscream, the smaller Hogwarts Lego set, 2 stuffed animals, 7 or 8 books, 3 pairs of pjs, candy, clay, a Transformers shirt, a calculator, Phineas and Ferb Band-Aids, pin art, foam, a parachute man, models to build, a Star Wars Lego set, and a new sports-themed bed set.

Cassie received $45, 2 new dresses, 1 new pair of pjs, a Steelers outfit, a Gymboree outfit, a Gymboree tutu set (in 18-24 months – my aunt just wanted to buy tutus so she called and asked when our clothes “ran out”), a seahorse that plays music and lights up, 6 books, 2 stuffed animals, a swaddle blanket, a stacker toy, 2 new binkys and a binky purse, new burpcloths, 2 wooden toys, 2 new cloth gdiapers, socks that look like shoes, bottles, and 2 first Christmas ornaments.

I made the grandparents a snack of toast on English muffin bread, then called my sister, who was en route to South Carolina. I made the mistake of telling her that Jackson hadn’t opened his “big present” yet. Jackson heard me, and immediately started asking what the “big present” was. After Max was done prepping something in the kitchen, we were able to get Jackson to open the last of Cassie’s presents for her, since she had woken up again. Then, I produced the “big present” in a small box.

I have a video of him opening it. When he realized it was his “very own iPod Touch” he got very happy. He looked straight at the camera and said, “This is the best present ever.” I had spent several nights loading it with his games, music, and videos. He kept it with him for the rest of the day.

Max made dinner, or lunch, depending on how you look at it. It went relatively well. Jackson continued his recent behavior of not eating anything, despite the fact that he likes the food we put in front of him. I’m hoping it’s just a phase.

After dessert, we were debating whether or not to call my Aunt Carol when she called. We had a lovely chat with her and with her daughter, my cousin Jessica, who is getting married next year! I’m so old.

Speaking of being old, you know you’re old when you ask for pajamas and a laptop battery for Christmas. I got 4 pairs of pjs and 1 battery, and they made me very happy. I also got a $30 iTunes gift card, which is now down to $9.98 as of this writing. Jackson made us ornaments in school. Max got the new Sports Night collection, an iTunes card (which is all gone now), the new Legend of Zelda game, and The Ferret Calendar.

Christmas was a success, I think. Now, on to Jackson’s Sixth Birthday.

I really am old.

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