Cassie is Two Months Old!

Christmas Day was also Cassie’s two month “birthday.” I’ll write about her first Christmas (and Jackson’s 6th) tomorrow, but I wanted to post her two month photo and update tonight.

Cassie with Honey and Her Bear

Cassie's Official Two Month Photo

We took her to the doctor on Wednesday. She is 11 pounds, 5 ounces and 23 inches long. That puts her in the 25th to 50th percentile for weight and 50th to 75th for height.

Cassie smiles! She always smiles the first time she sees big brother when he comes home from school. She often smiles for me when she sees me the first time each day or after it’s been awhile.

One of the second month milestones is that she should respond to a bell in some way. I don’t ring bells near her, so I have no clue if she would respond to a bell. She doesn’t seem to startle much due to noise when she sleeps, but she sure does notice it otherwise.

She’s starting to coo too. I remember Jackson cooing more, but that could be just me. No, I just looked at his two month post, and he was definitely cooing more.

We don’t put her on her tummy much. Actually, we don’t put her down much during the day. She doesn’t like to be put down. She’ll play for short periods of time in her play gym or lying on a bed with Jackson. However, she doesn’t like to sit in her chairs. She’s OK in her swing for a bit. She really likes being worn. My friend Autumn taught me how to use the Baby Bjorn, so now I have another carrier in my arsenal, and I can use both hands! My friend Shaina brought over a new mei tai too and Annemarie brought another sling that Max can use.

I suppose we’ll have to start tummy time soon. Jackson never had it. He had bad acid reflux, so learned to flip himself over off of his tummy almost from birth. Seriously. He would roll onto his side first, then, a bit later, he learned to kind of throw himself onto his back. I think he’s developed OK nonetheless.

She holds her head pretty steady when she’s upright, but she’s still a little wobbly. However, it’s good enough that now Jackson is allowed to hold her while he stands up. However, as she’s 25% of his weight, he can’t really go anywhere with her.

She can also follow objects with her eyes if you hold them in front of her, which is apparently an advanced skill for a baby her age. Just today, she stopped crying when she saw me shaking her bottle, and boy did she follow it! She’s looking around all the time now. Great-Grandma was really surprised by how much she’d grown in just one week.

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