Happy Holidays from the Chittister Family!

Hello Everyone! We hope this finds you healthy, happy for this holiday season, and hopeful for the year ahead. This year, we’re going to try something new—brevity! And so we present…

The Top Twelve Events of 2011

(in chronological order)

  1. Robyn started working for a new client. She’s completed two projects for them, and very much enjoys the group there. Both she and Max are able to work from home almost 100% of the time.
  2. Jackson turned 5! He had a Transformers-themed birthday party and loved every minute.
  3. We had an office put onto our house. Stanley Nelson at Bay Area Baths added a beautiful new space on time and on budget. Now, we have three bedrooms and a dedicated office space.
  4. Jackson played his first season of tee-ball. To be honest, he didn’t like it as much as soccer, but he still had fun.
  5. Grandma Sandy visited and attended the County Fair with us!
  6. Jackson graduated from preschool at Alice’s Montessori. His last day was the last day of July. Tears were shed. We’ll miss Alice’s (at least until October 2013).
  7. We spent the summer going places with our friends. We went to Howarth Park, Santa Cruz, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Marine World (I’ll never call it Six Flags!), Tilden Park, and the Exploratorium.
  8. College friends Hunter and Lakshmi were married on July 10, 2011. We were thrilled to see Will who came all the way from Australia. We were fairly happy to see Gus & Jenn from Boston. We were nonplussed to see Mayhew, Scott & Katie, and the rest of the Silicon Valley crew, because we see them at the Red Sox v. A’s games.
  9. Jackson played his second season of soccer with a new coach—Coach Daddy! That’s right, Max and our friend Delon coached ten 4- and 5-year olds at soccer. No one was permanently scarred. (And even though we didn’t officially keep score, our team, the Sharks, won more than we lost.)
  10. Jackson started Kindergarten at Antioch Charter Academy II. He’s just started their Young Six program, and will be going full days next semester. According to his teachers, “Jackson is a friend to all.”
  11. We welcomed two new friends and two more new family members: Adeline Elise to Bill and Steph (Robyn’s cousins), Clark to Nina and Pete (Max’s friend from grade school), Cascade Lynn to Jen and Gabe (Robyn’s cousins), and Nicolás to Nacho and Helena (Robyn’s penpal since 5th grade).
  12. On October 25, 2011, our daughter Cassandra Zaishay Chittister was born in Baton Rouge, LA. She was 7 pounds, 8 ounces, and 19 inches long. Max and Robyn were in Baton Rouge for two weeks, while Jackson stayed home with Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Clyde. An interesting note: Jackson shares his birthday with our cousin Scott (January 17). Cassie shares her birthday with Scott’s younger sister, Sandy.

Happy Holidays and a Very Merry New Year!

Much Love,

Max, Robyn, Jackson, Cassie, Sassy, Jinxy, and Firefly

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