Jackson’s First Parent/Teacher Conference

On Friday, we had Jackson’s first parent/teacher conference at ACA II. I could write lots of glowing praise for him. Instead, I’ll just post a few tidbits that friends and family might find interesting.

  • My favorite quote: “Jackson is enjoyable to have in our classroom. He is a good friend to all.”
  • Jackson needs some help with his fine motor skills, especially when it comes to writing. He needs to be more careful when he writes and draws shapes.
  • Jackson “does well thinking mathematically and is very logical in arriving at his answer.” Apparently, one of the hallmarks of a logical/mathematical learner is that they have a reason for everything, and will negotiate anything. That’s Jackson!
  • He got favorable marks in all of his assessment areas. They don’t do grades, but indicate if he is performing at, above, or below the level he should.
  • “Jackson is very focused and is not distracted easily. He is attentive in large groups as well as independent work.” In a world where so many boys are labeled “ADD” or “ADHD” it’s wonderful to have a teacher point out that my son can focus.

And… Jackson gets to start the Young Six program on Monday! He’ll go to school all day two days per week for awhile, then three, then all four. (All of Primary has half days on Fantastic Friday.) He’s been asking since mid-September if he can go to school all day and do more of his Montessori works. I’m afraid he’s forgotten his multiplication. His teacher was very amenable to the idea. In fact, it was her idea to start Monday instead of waiting for January.

Boy am I glad I got that Star Wars lunch box on Woot!. 


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