Cassie is One Month Old!

On November 25th, Cassie officially became one month old. Of course, we have the pictures:

Honey Bee, Cassie, and Her Teddy

Cassie's Official First Month Photo

Cassie Smiling

Cassie Smiling

Cassie Crying

Cassie Crying

Cassie’s special stuffed animals are her Honey Bee and her Teddy Bear. The bee’s name is Honey, but the bear will be nameless until she names him. The Louisiana state insect is the honeybee, which is why it’s her special animal.

I actually don’t know how much Cassie weighs. I keep meaning to weigh her, but that would mean weighing me with her, and no one really wants that.

She’s eating like a professional though! She loves her food and rarely spits. She’s still having some trouble sleeping in her crib, but we can work on that.

Cassie’s met all of the major milestones for a one-month old:

  • She can lift her head.
  • She can focus on faces, especially when you’re feeding her.
  • She responds to sounds.

In this past week, she’s gotten much more alert. She’s very interested in Jackson. I’m hoping the weather next week is good, and my health is good, and we can go for some walks.

Remember Jackson at One Month?

As an added bonus, here’s a sneak peek at one of our holiday card photos:

Jackson & Cassie

Big Brother & Little Sister

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