And So It Begins…

Cassie is three weeks old today!

People keep asking me what it’s like to have two kids. I’ve really had two kids for just a few days now. We came home Wednesday night. My mother-in-law was here until Saturday morning. We’ve only had two days of school routine thus far.

So far, Jackson has been great with his baby sister. He let us all take naps on Saturday. He’s been good about playing by himself… but not today. You see, I had intended to go upstairs for about 20-30 minutes to get Cassie to go to sleep. I ended up falling asleep with her next to me, and Jackson came into Daddy forlornly saying that no one would play with him. I napped for about two hours. I felt very guilty about it, and from now on, will tell the other family members my plans for sleep or not sleep.

Some things Jackson’s been saying:

  • I love having a baby sister!
  • I didn’t know she would like me so much!
  • That’s what big brudders are for.

He remembers her binky when I don’t. He loves to kiss her. He’s not so bad at holding her. He’s tried to feed her, but he’s not quite there yet. We took Cassie for her first walk in her stroller yesterday, and he pushed the stroller to the end of the block.

Cassie attended her first birthday party this weekend – the fourth birthday party of Jackson’s oldest friend’s sister (and one of my favorite little girls). She wore the birthday girl’s hand-me-down onesie to the party.

I haven’t been getting as much work done as I did before we had two kids. Honestly, not much is getting done at all, other than dishes and laundry. This is one of those times that I wish I lived in France, with one year of paid maternity leave and government-sponsored help.

Cassie can hold in her binky. She’s held her bottle twice now. Both are things that Jackson couldn’t do at this point. (In fact, he never learned to hold his own bottle, which was just fine with me.) On the other hand, by now, Jackson had figured out how to roll onto his side (he had serious acid reflux, so side sleeping was better for him, which he figured out on his own) and he could hold his head up (Cassie’s trying, and getting there sometimes). Cassie hates being put down for any reason when she’s awake. Jackson was OK if he was sitting up. Cassie doesn’t like sleeping in her crib. Jackson never had any problems with it. Jackson hated being in the sling. It’s Cassie’s favorite conveyance. I seem to remember Jackson being more animated at this stage, but then, I don’t remember a lot from Jackson’s first three or four months of life. Sleep dep will do that to you.

I find comparisons interesting, and I don’t read too much into them.

I thought I’d add some pictures for those of you who like that sort of thing.

(There will be some general adoption-related posts in the near future, for those who aren’t interested in my family life.)


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