We’re Home!

We took the 1:40 pm Southwest flight out of New Orleans on Wednesday. (Note: The New Orleans airport has disastrous food.) Cassie weathered her first flight pretty well. She was awake for about the first half, then slept in the sling on me for the rest. We had a stop in Phoenix (and all I could think about was this was the airport where Bella ditches the Cullens in Twilight). I changed Cassie in the airplane bathroom – very difficult – and then ran off and got some food from the Starbucks/Pizza Hut. Cassie slept for the entire second flight, waking up just before landing.

When we got to the airport,Grandma Sandy was waiting for us at baggage claim. I changed Cassie’s diaper again, and off we went. It would have been my preference to wait out the traffic by grabbing a bite to eat near the airport, but there isn’t any food near the airport, so we sat in traffic. Along the way, Grandma Sandy had to feed Cassie while she was in her car seat.

We did end up stopping for food in Walnut Creek because of traffic and a dirty diaper. Grandma Sandy got to hold Cassie for awhile then.

Grandma Sandy and Cassie

Grandma Sandy and Cassie

Jackson was staying at home with our neighbor, Jeanine. We finally got home around 9 pm. Jackson was looking out the window. I saw him. It was awesome! I had missed him so very much! He ran and jumped on me as soon as I came in the door. I swear he grew while we were gone. His pjs didn’t go to his ankles anymore.

It took awhile for Max, Grandma Sandy, and Cassie to get to the house. On the way in, Grandma Sandy dropped the binky. Jackson declared, “I’ll get the binky. That’s what big brothers are for!”

We set him up on the recliner and handed Cassie over. Happiness ensued.

First Look: Brother and Sister

First Look: Brother and Sister

Brother and Sister Smiling at One Another

Brother and Sister Smiling at One Another

Jackson and Cassandra

Jackson and Cassandra

Two of the cats have never seen a baby before. Firefly decided to investigate.

Pillow Pets, Cassie, Jackson, and Firefly

Pillow Pets, Cassie, Jackson, and Firefly

Cassie brought Jackson a big brother present – a baby dolphin pillow pet to go with the pillow pet he saved up his allowance to buy. I read Jackson and Cassie a story, and she fell asleep on his bed. This was Cassie’s first story – a book about the Clone Wars.

Daddy tucked Jackson in. Cassie didn’t much like sleeping in her crib. We finally got her to stay in there if we left the light on. Her schedule yesterday and today have been all messed up, but we’ll work on getting it right again.

Jackson has been loving his baby sister. He is a little depressed that he’s not getting as much attention. I’m sure we’ll correct for that. He helped me give Cassie her first bath. He fed her. And he was surprisingly good at both.


6 thoughts on “We’re Home!

  1. So happy to see the family all together! Congratulations again! It will be so nice for you all to get back to a regular schedule and start enjoying life as a family of four.

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