We’re Going Home!

I finally called the Louisiana ICPC office today. The ladies there were very nice. They informed me that they had sent the paperwork, overnight, to California on Friday. I called my social worker, who did give me the California ICPC contact info, but also told me that the woman who does the ICPC doesn’t like adoptive parents calling her. Instead, he told me that I should get my lawyer to call her.

So, I called the lawyer and left a message with his assistant. When he didn’t call me back after more than an hour, I called the California ICPC office and left a message. Within the hour, the lawyer called back. He told me:

  • California ICPC was upset that he sent a preliminary copy of the ICPC paperwork to them (our social worker said that if they had the prelim, then they could approve same day as Louisiana),
  • There was one form that had to be redone, so they redid it and faxed it back.
  • He would not call California ICPC because he would only talk to his own people, California ICPC wouldn’t appreciate him calling them.

I decided to wait a little while and then call my social worker back.

About 20 minutes after I talked to the lawyer, he called again and told us we could go home.

I yelled “Woo hoo!” and woke Cassie.

We couldn’t make it out on the last flight of the night, so we’re leaving in the afternoon. Cassie’s first plane ride!

As happy as I am to be leaving, packing up makes me a little bit sad. It reminds me of all of the places I’ve left before. I should really blog about that.

California here we come!

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