Meeting Cassie

The saga continues…

We arrived in New Orleans ahead of schedule, picked up our car without a hitch, and started on our way to Baton Rouge.

Aside: We had a car seat and a Pack n Play with us. We were asked three times where the baby was!

We got to the Residence Inn with nary a problem. They upgraded us to a two bedroom suite! We unpacked and went to bed.

After breakfast the next morning, I texted Laine to tell her we were in town. She called. Pending test results, the hospital was set to release the baby around 3:00 pm that afternoon! Jackson was in the hospital for almost four days. Apparently, when Medicaid’s involved, the hospital likes to get you out ASAP. We said we’d be at the hospital at 3 and we could wait in the lobby until Laine wanted us. She said we might as well just come up.

It wasn’t quite noon, so we went to the Super Target to get some supplies. While there, Miss Vicki, the social worker called. We talked for a bit about what would happen in the afternoon. She was planning to be at the hospital too. She sent me some really good pictures of the baby.

Cassie Less Than 1 Day Old

Cassie Less Than 1 Day Old

We got back to the hotel, unpacked the supplies, and ate Chic-Fil-A. Mmm… Chic-Fil-A…

By that time, it was closer to 3, so we headed for the hospital. It wasn’t far from our hotel and was pretty easy to find. We got there precisely at 3 and headed to Laine’s room.

On the way into the maternity ward, we had to pass by the nurse’s office area. There was a bassinet with a baby in it. It was Cassie! (Well, she wasn’t Cassie yet – Laine gave her a name – but that’s another post.) I almost burst into tears. I whispered to Max, “That’s her.”

We went to Laine’s room. It actually wasn’t too awkward. We had never met before. We had talked a few times, but mostly texted. I was worried that we’d sit in an awkward silence, but we managed to talk. The nurses brought the baby back to the room – she had been rooming in with Laine instead of in a nursery. (Yay!) She had passed her tests!

I asked Laine if I could pick her up. She said, “You don’t have to ask.” I did pick her up. So heavenly! Jackson is 40 pounds now. Cassie is not quite 8. She was awake and started fussing, but she was informed that it wasn’t time to eat yet. OK. So… we fawned over her for awhile. Miss Vicki arrived. Then it was time for Cassie to eat, and Laine asked me if I wanted to give her the bottle, which I did.

Robyn Feeding Cassie - 1 Day Old

Robyn Feeding Cassie - 1 Day Old

At some point, Max got to hold her, then Laine, then Miss Vicki. I took pictures.

Cassie and Max

Cassie and Max - First Meeting

Cassie Sleeping - 1 Day Old

Cassie Sleeping - 1 Day Old

The nurses came in to do the discharge spiel. They directed all of the baby care information at Laine. One of them never met my eyes. She was pretty huffy overall. The other one at least tried to make eye contact a few times. The nurses really didn’t seem to be all that fond of us. They didn’t outright say anything, but their demeanors were unwelcoming.

Aside: I found it interesting that they said to clean the umbilical cord with alcohol. We were always told not to do this, as it doesn’t help and could actually impede healing. I double checked, and What to Expect agrees with what we learned in our newborn baby class: No alcohol.

We had brought an outfit for Cassie to go home in. I guess Laine didn’t have any clothes for her, and the hospital had her in this awful paper baby gown. We brought the same outfit that Jackson went home in, so many years ago.

Cassie's Going Home Outfit

Cassie's Going Home Outfit

We had to leave the room for the nurses to do some medical stuff with Laine. Max went down to get the car seat. Miss Vicki, another nurse (or maybe an orderly, I couldn’t tell) and I chatted. Eventually, we packed up our copious amounts of stuff. Miss Vicki had cleaned out the hospital’s bassinet of diapers, wipes, and formula. We had brought Laine some flowers and a little present, plus she had her clothes and things. Laine held Cassie and was wheeled down in a wheelchair.

Laine, Cassie, Robyn, and Max

Laine, Cassie, Robyn, and Max

When we got to the front of hospital, Max pulled the car around. We had trouble getting the car seat in the car and Cassie buckled tightly. This car seat works differently than Jackson’s did, although they’re the same brand. We did eventually get her in. Laine really did her best not to cry. We hugged. I almost cried, but she told me not to so that she wouldn’t.

I sat in the back seat with Cassie. Laine got into Miss Vicki’s car, to go home without her baby.

To be continued…


One thought on “Meeting Cassie

  1. She is so, so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this. We didn’t get to see Ambrose until he was 9 days old so no hospital experience for us, though our agency related how huffy they were with the social worker and A’s first mom. I actually spoke with her on the phone when A was 2 days old. She was crying after something awful a nurse said to her and she just wanted me to reassure her that we would love him forever. We aren’t allowed (legally) to know any identifying info in this adoption, including which hospital he was born at, so I couldn’t write to complain though it still bugs me.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the rest of the story, every story of how a family comes to be is so exciting 🙂 Have fun with our new little one! Also, hoping her big brother isn’t too jealous 🙂

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