Cassie’s Birth Story

Back in September, Max and I made reservations to go to Louisiana on October 25. It was cheaper to make reservations and change them than to make reservations at the last minute. A few weeks ago, my mother-in-law made reservations to come to California on October 24. After texting with Laine, who said that she had a doctor’s appointment on the 25th and would know more then, we decided to change our reservations to October 26.

I went to sleep at 3:00 am on October 25. Remember, I’m working nights.

At 6:08 am, I got a text, “The baby here” followed by a picture.

Wha-ha??? I texted Laine to call me if she could. She did.

She had gone into labor the night before. Everything went very fast, and very painfully. The baby was born at 12:17 am. She didn’t call us because she didn’t want to call us in the middle of the night. I gently reminded her that we’re two hours before Central time. (I would have been awake at 10:00 pm. Not so much at 6:08 am. Oh well!)

Although she didn’t outright say it, I think that Laine didn’t particularly want us to come in on Tuesday. Then I asked when the baby was discharged. Laine said it could be as early as Wednesday evening. I asked where the baby would go. She said if we weren’t there, then the baby would go with the social worker.

I told Laine that we didn’t have to come to the hospital, but we wanted to be in Louisiana when the baby was discharged. Southwest is the only airline that flies remotely directly to Louisiana, and that’s to New Orleans. New Orleans is about an hour away from Baton Rouge. There are several flights before 10:00 am, but only one later, at 2:30 pm. That flight would get us into New Orleans at 11:00 pm.

While I was talking to Laine, I was putting laundry away, to keep myself from lying down in bed. I went into Jackson’s bathroom to put his towels away, and he was awake. Laine said, “You’re dying to tell him, aren’t you?” So, when he was done using the facilities, I did. “Laine had her baby!” He was very excited. I asked if he wanted to say anything to her. So he took the phone and said hello. He asked if the baby was really born. Then, he asked if she was going to change her mind. Fortunately, Laine laughed and said that kids will always say exactly what’s on their mind.

After finishing up with Laine, I set out to change our changed reservations back to October 25. I had no problem with the flight. I had to be transferred to the Sales Manager at the hotel, but she and I had talked a lot about the situation previously, so she found us a room no problem. The rental car was harder. Budget wanted to charge me $274 for one extra day. I ended up canceling our reservation and going with Enterprise. I still had to pay as much as I would have with Budget, but they didn’t get my money.

I had more calls to make. I went over to my neighbor to ask if she would pick Jackson up from school, because we had to be at the airport at the time to pick him up. I had to call work to let them know I was leaving. I had to call my father and grandmother to let them know. I had to call my friend Shaina to cancel our playdate, again. (In my defense, she canceled the last two times.)

We had already gotten the baby’s bag together (Labor Day weekend, actually). We had started setting things out for ourselves. Max had to actually pack everything. I went around the house gathering other things to pack. I threw out last year’s Halloween candy. I talked to my mother-in-law about the notes we had given her. (One benefit of having writers in the family, we write copious notes.)

I almost left my phone on the charger! Fortunately, I ran in and grabbed it, and we were off…


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