Why We Don’t Go to (a Black) Church: Part Three

Two days ago, I discussed my beliefs. Yesterday, I discussed my experiences. Today, I’ll finish explaining the church situation.

In looking for a church, I’ve found that most “Christian” churches exclude homosexuals. Many churches interpret the Bible literally. As I previously discussed, I don’t believe that Jesus would exclude homosexuals and I don’t believe that the Bible should be interpreted literally.

Based on my beliefs, the Quaker church is apparently the best fit. The nearest Quaker meeting house is 30 miles away. Similarly, the closest Unitarian Universalist church is also 30 miles away. (I’m also not really down with the UUs. Somehow, they seem a little too welcoming. It’s like the Groucho Marx line about not wanting to be a part of a club that would allow me as a member.)

A lot of people have told me to check out the Episcopal church. My concern with that is my perceived lack of diversity in the Episcopal church. It seems to me that most Black people are one of the flavors of Baptist, or nondenominational Christian. Apparently, there’s an African Methodist Episcopal Church here in Antioch. I had never heard of that. I should look into it.

I have a list of churches to look into, actually. After our experiences at the local Bethany Christian church, Max wanted to take some time off. We talked about it tonight. Because the world is small, one of the moms from Jackson’s school has just started attending the church we attended. She asked for my opinion, and I told her about the pastor’s sermon that offended me. She asked if I ever talked to him about it. I didn’t. Frankly, it made me too angry. When I asked Max about it, he said that the sermon seemed to contain “inappropriate humor” that didn’t make him angry. He really likes the pastor, but he doesn’t like the church for other reasons.

It would be nice to find a new church to attend for Christmas. I miss the spiritual part of my life. I can pray every day – and I usually do – but it would be nice to find a community to well, commune with. I also want Jackson to learn more about Jesus than just Christmas and Easter.

6 thoughts on “Why We Don’t Go to (a Black) Church: Part Three

  1. I grew up in the Episcopal church. Here in NH it was one of the most diverse churches in the area, with more diversity, in all its forms, than one would ever have expected in a suburban town in southern NH. I work at a UCC church and love it, but I think the Episcopal church that I attended (which is a “low” church, as they call it), would be a great place to be. Not sure how common the experience is, but thought I’d share.

  2. You know, I was just going to mention the African Methodist Episcopal Church! Do check it out – it may work for you. I know it’s hard to find the right “fit” sometimes. We are members of a United Methodist Church, and we like that denomination because they are pretty inclusive and open, for the most part, and they are really into serving others – and not just for a chance to preach to them.

  3. Oh, I wanted to mention….our particular church is also very diverse, which is great. We have many people from Somalia, Sierra Lione, Afganistan, Iraq, and other places.

  4. I have to say I agree with you on pretty much everything you wrote about church wise. We have a church (a UCC) that I wish were more diverse and did more with children (they focus a lot on youths and adults), but I love the sermons and in general it’s the right church for us, if there even IS a right church for us 🙂 We did do a bit of church searching for awhile, leaving our UCC and coming back to it, and while we thought UU would sound good for us we actually found it to be the least welcoming place. Seriously, everyone we encountered was so pissy and uncaring and we were like, wow, no way do we want to go to this place! They didn’t even want to give us directions to the nursery (but they did want our email to send us newsletters…).

  5. Thanks for sharing your experiences about your search for Christian community, My family is doing the same thing, and there is no perfect group I have found, but I would love to hang out an discuss everything we have learned with each of our experiences. Karyn sent me a link to your blog. I have not yet published my post on church searching yet, it is still in rough draft mode.

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