I Broke Down and Did It

I finally broke down and did it. I created a Baby Registry at Babies R Us.

When we matched with Jackson, I created registries right away. When we matched back in April, I didn’t. When we matched in July, I didn’t. When we matched in August, I didn’t. But the baby is due in 9 days, so I did.

I’ve had a private wish list on Amazon.com ever since Jackson was old enough to grow out of some of the things we wanted for him. But I hadn’t created a registry. It seemed presumptuous, and like it could possibly bring bad luck. It still kind of does.

You may be surprised, but the question, “When do we create a registry?” is asked a lot on adoption forums. My answer is always “Whenever you damn well please.” Thanks to Amazon’s Universal Wish List, you can put whatever you’d like on a private wish list, then go back later and make it public. You can add items from the places you want to register, then create real registries closer to – or after – the baby’s due date.

There aren’t any rules for this in the adoption world. Like many aspects of adoption, you just have to go with your gut.


3 thoughts on “I Broke Down and Did It

    • I think one of my friends is going to do a traditional-type shower after the baby is born and home. We’ll probably do a finalization party after the adoption is finalized and invite families. You’re on the list for both. 🙂

  1. Awesome, thanks so much! Can’t wait to meet the new mbr of your family, hope it all goes smoothly for you guys. I’m sure Jack is super excited!

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