October 15th

Laine has three older children, all of whom were born two weeks early. She’s due October 29th, so two weeks is October 15th. That’s today. Guess who will be sleeping with her iPhone?

I continue to worry. While Laine and I talked several times in the first weeks of the match, we haven’t actually spoken in a few weeks. We’ve texted. She sent ultrasound pics, and pictures of her with her kids. I sent her a picture of Jackson at the zoo. She says she’s been busy – she’s taking classes. Intellectually, I know she’s going through a lot right now, and I may be the last person she wants to talk to. But I worry that the lack of calls is really an indication of second thoughts.

Everyone has an opinion of when the baby should be born. My mother-in-law and neighbor want the baby to be born close to her due date. If she is, we may not be home for Thanksgiving. I’d rather not spend my first Thanksgiving as “a four family” with three of us in a hotel room; my mother-in-law here with Jackson, my dad, and my grandmother; and Grandpa Clyde eating takeout in Pennsylvania. A friend of mine wants her to be born on October 20th, because that’s her daughter’s birthday.

Whenever she does arrive, I just want her to be healthy – of strong mind, body, and spirit. And I want her to belong to all of us.


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