1 Down, 9 To Go

Laine texted me this morning. She’s 1 cm dilated. I know that means there are 9 more to go. My gut told me that 1 down meant it could be tomorrow, it could be two weeks from now. I’ve never had a kid, and Jackson’s birthmother was induced. My knowledge of labor and delivery is minimal.

The first friend I told said the baby would be here within about 3 days.

The second friend I told is also a doula. At first, she said, “Could be tomorrow, could be a few weeks.” Then she said, “Could be awhile… Depends on birth history and due date.” Upon learning that info, she said, “Then I’d say she’ll be here soon!” Basically, she couldn’t pin anything down for me.

The third friend I told said, “Well, you can walk around for weeks at 1 cm.”

So I was right. It could be tomorrow. It could be two weeks from now. Or, as Max put it: It’s like a new car’s gas gauge. A quarter of a tank could mean that you actually have a quarter of a tank. Or, it could plummet immediately.

The good news is, Laine texted me, so she’s not going to go into labor and have the baby without telling us. I’ve known people that’s happened to. An expectant mom is supposed to call them, never does, and nothing happens. I didn’t really think Laine would do that – I didn’t, really. She’s been very committed to this. But anyone who knows me well will know that I think of everything bad that could happen. (I also think of everything good that can happen too, but that doesn’t make for good writing.)

Trivia: October 16th was my mom’s mom’s birthday. It’s also the day that Max and I officially became a couple – October 16, 1995.


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