We’re a Little Stressed Here

I may have mentioned that Laine has three children, all of whom were born two weeks early. She’s due October 29th. But she’s predicting October 15th for this one. That’s Saturday. Of course, we don’t actually know. We’re trying to make preparations – clean the house mostly.

Jackson, who can usually handle not being the center of attention for about 30 minutes, has now decided that he cannot possibly entertain himself for more than 5 minutes, unless it’s to do something that he knows he’s not allowed to do.

Take today, for example. Jackson and I watched Homeward Bound while I folded laundry. We do this sometimes – watch a movie while I fold laundry. Jackson will watch, play a little, ask a million questions, but generally behave. We interact. Today, he decided to jump around, pick up the cat by her paws, throw popcorn around… After the movie, we played a game of Skip-Bo. I told Jackson I had to go downstairs and put dinner in the oven, but I’d be back in a minute to finish the game. He immediately messed up the game, strewing cards all over the room.

Let’s just not go into what happened next.

The poor kid has trouble processing stress. However, I thought we’d progressed beyond this point.

I know for me, it’s the uncertainty. I’m not sure what the exact issue is for Jackson, but I wish I could get it through to him – what is OK when it comes to expressing anger and stress. Also, we are paying attention to him. Occasionally, we need to step away for a few moments, or do other things while we’re together. We used to be able to do this, as recently as August.

The boy did help me dust our bedroom on Sunday. He’s “an expert at dusting.” He uses “his” Swiffer duster, and he enjoys it. He does a darn good job too!

Ending on a positive note here. Yay!


5 thoughts on “We’re a Little Stressed Here

  1. Take a deep breath. 🙂 A lot of changes on the horizon, but I know you all will get through it…the best to all of you.

  2. Jackson is picking up on your stress, I’m sure. Even when we think we’re not showing it, kids are amazingly able to detect it. Things will get better. I do hope Laine goes early, like with her other kids. The waiting and wondering is the worst part. That will be over soon! Oh, where will you be traveling to for the baby?

    • Oh yes, Jackson is very sensitive. On top of this, he’s going through the “I’m a big kid so I know everything” phase. I know that phase very well, as I went through it from age 5 through… how old am I now? 😉

      We’re going to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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