The whole idea started with Annemarie. After she had her first daughter, Sophie, in 2004, she saved Sophie’s clothes. When Jackson was born, she let me borrow all of her unisex clothes. When Jackson outgrew them, I gave them back, plus some of Jackson’s unisex clothes for Annemarie’s next daughter.

But the first clothes that were designated for this baby came from Helen. In 2009, Helen gave me two black Hefty garbage bags full of clothes, sizes newborn to 5T. They were immaculate in condition. I can’t believe a baby actually wore them. Most of them were from Gymboree, and the outfits were all intact, with the hangers rubber banded together.

Then, my friend Christy began funneling me clothes from her daughters. She hadn’t saved much, but what she did have was a lot of fun. We have a lovely Winnie the Pooh superwarm swaddler. As she was moving, she gave me a dress that both of her daughters had worn that was a particular favorite of mine. It’s size 2T, so it will be in a bin for awhile.

Baby Clothes

First Trickle of Clothes

Baby Clothes In Closet

The Baby's Closet, February 2010

My friend Kelly undoubtedly gave me the most clothes. Twelve boxes. I kid you not. With her permission, I lent about eight of them to my friend April. The four I kept were clothes that I would cry over if I lost. Mostly Disney stuff, but I think there was a Steelers onesie and a couple of the cutest little outfits. Two in pale green and purple, which are the colors of the nursery.

Right on the heels of Kelly, came Jude. Her daughter has the best wardrobe ever. It was hard for Jude to part with anything, and I think she did so only at her husband’s insistence. Thanks largely to her, this child won’t go without shoes or tights for the first two years of her life.

Annemarie entered the picture again as her second daughter began outgrowing things. With her permission, I shared some items with April again. Annemarie provided cloth diapering supplies and gDiapers too.

Then, it came up at a birthday party that we were adopting a girl. Misha, a relatively new mom to the preschool, asked if I needed any clothes. I told her I’d gladly pay her for anything she’d care to part with. Her family was moving, so she said that giving me the 3+ boxes of clothes (plus an awesome diaper bag and an infant car seat with two bases) was really helping her out. Those boxes contained most of the clothes I was missing – practical ones. A girl isn’t going to wear frilly dresses everyday. She needs bodysuits and sleepers and bibs. Oh the bibs!

Another relatively new mom, Liz, had a baby boy. Still, she gave me an incredible amount of clothes. About half of it really is “boy” – like “Mom’s Hero” and things like that. So, I’ve saved those for Kelly if she has a boy. But there were a lot of unisex items, especially in the newborn/premie range.

Meanwhile, my friend April’s baby is 12 months old. So she appeared last Friday with 4 boxes of clothes. Some are Annemarie’s, some are Kelly’s, some were Jackson’s, and some were hers. Most of Jackson’s clothes will go in the “if Kelly has a boy” box but the girl clothes will hopefully soon be on their 4th or 5th baby.

I have sorted all of the clothes. Everything from 0-6 months is in the dresser or closet. I have two bins of 6-9 months, 1 bin and 1 suitcase of 9-12 months, 1 bin of 12-18 months, 1 bin of 18-24 months, 1 bin of 2T, and 1 duffle bag of 3T+ (mostly Jackson’s Disney clothes). I have one small suitcase full of shoes. I also have a small bin of “unknown”.

I am extremely grateful for everything we’ve received. It’s wonderful not to have to buy everything new, not just to save money, but also to save the planet. Reusing is a wonderful way to care about the Earth.

Burp Cloths, Hats, and a Drawer Full of Socks and Tights

Burp Cloths, Hats, and a Drawer Full of Socks and Tights

Drawer Full of Onesies

Drawer Full of Onesies

Drawer Full of Sleepers

Drawer Full of Sleepers

Left Side of the Closet of Clothes

Left Side of the Closet of Clothes

Right Side of the Closet of Clothes

Right Side of the Closet of Clothes

Almost 24 Pairs of Shoes

Almost 24 Pairs of Shoes


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  1. OMGoodness, I’m just laughing as I look at those pictures, especially the two sides of the closet! It reminds me of when we were planning on our first daughter – everybody gave clothes, old and new. I guess you’re ready!

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