Baby’s First Gifts

Monitor and Blanket
Way back in July, our daughter received her first gift. Our friend Ardith knitted her a beautiful pink and brown blanket. When our match fell through, I put the blanket in its bag away.
Last weekend, my Aunt Carol called me for my birthday. She asked how things were going with the match. She asked if we needed anything. The #1 thing we actually need is a monitor. Two days later, a monitor appeared on our doorstep.
Before I opened it, I thought it would only be fitting to take pictures of the baby’s first gifts. I can’t wait to take pictures of her with her gifts!
(We’ve received a lot of other things, especially clothes. Somehow, I don’t think of those as gifts for the baby, because they weren’t for a specific baby, more a general baby that we might have in the future. I’m no less thankful for them, and plan to devote a post to them in the near future.)

One thought on “Baby’s First Gifts

  1. Awww Robyn, you are going to make me cry, I am sooooo happy for you all!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see a pic of your little girl and maybe meet her in person. I am so thrilled this is all coming together….and LOVE homemade blankets, they are so special.

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