30 Days

The baby is due on October 29th – 30 days from today. I have so much to say about so many topics, I’m actually going to try to post every day. We’ll see how well that works.

Before the baby gets here, we have a long list of things to do:

  • Put bins of toys for older babies in garage.
  • Buy formula.
  • Create and print book of directions for Grandma Sandy.
  • Check car rentals.
  • Clean our room: Pick up. Dust. Vacuum. (Robyn, Robyn, Max)
  • Clean bathrooms, including floors (Max and Robyn).
  • Sweep downstairs floors.
  • Clean kitchen floor.
  • Write and print notes for Grandma Sandy.
  • Pick up house in general.
  • Send check to lawyer. (Is he supposed to send me break down of funds first?)
  • Buy gift for Laine.
  • Create and print Jackson’s book dividers.
  • Write the ACA II Memory Book letter.
  • Switch light plates in baby’s room and Jackson’s room (Max).

A few things I’ve already done:

  • Bought shelves for Jackson’s toys.
  • Got reclining chair cleaned.
  • Cleaned baby toys.
  • Bought Snap n Go stroller.
  • Done baby laundry.
  • Hung shelves in baby’s room (Max).
  • Decorated baby’s room.
  • Put bigger clothes away.
  • Got knobs for cabinet.
  • Packed baby’s bag.
  • Booked tentative flights. (It’s cheaper to change flights than to make last minute arrangements.)
  • Cleaned Pack n Play.
  • Got haircut.
  • Arranged for hotel.

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