Home Study Update

I alluded to our home study update in a few past posts. Home studies expire one year from when they are written. Ours was written at the end of September last year. You must have a current home study to take custody of a child. Therefore, we have to update our home study. Cost to us: $700 + the cost of updating our criminal clearances (LiveScan) + getting a form notarized.

  1. Home Study Update Form
  2. Criminal Record Statements
  3. Out-of-State Criminal Record Statements
  4. Live Scan – DOJ/Child Abuse & FBI Clearances (redone in May 2011)
  5. Guardianship Form
  6. Medical Reports (without the TB tests)
  7. IRS 1040
  8. Financial Statement
  9. Job Verification Letters
  10. School Report
  11. Character References (6)
  12. Adoption Risk Release (notarized)
  13. Release of Information
  14. Affirmation Statement
  15. Duty to Disclose
  16. Copy of Health Insurance Card
  17. Evidence of Life Insurance for Applicants
  18. Social Worker Home Visit

In one week, we (well, mostly I) pulled together a lot of the information we needed. Yesterday, we had our home visit. At that time, we gave our social worker 4 more references, Jackson’s school report, and copies of our new health “insurance” cards. Today, we received the final reference in the mail.

To complete the home study, we need the following documents:

  1. Guardianship Form
  2. Medical Report for Max
  3. Job Verification Letters

I emailed the Guardianship Form to our chosen guardians – “Aunt Joanne” and “Uncle Marc” in New Hampshire.

Max has his doctor’s appointment next week. I guess his doctor is more popular than mine.

Max asked his employer for a job verification letter. My employment verification letter is much harder. I’m self-employed. Well, we both are, but Max has worked for the same person for 2 years, and will likely continue to do so. Last year, my primary client was a software company headquartered in France. This year, I’ve been working primarily for a contracting firm for a government-related client. They don’t know anything about the adoption.

First, I’m not sure they’d extend my contract if they knew. Second, I don’t think they’d write the letter because they couldn’t necessarily validate that I will continue to work for them.

There is an alternative – I can get a statement from our tax accountant. But our accountant only works from January through June.

Blah blah blah. More paperwork.

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