Adoption in Utah

To put it bluntly, Utah allows women to kidnap children from their fathers.

The other day, I came across another case in Utah in which a woman was able to place her child for adoption against the biological father’s wishes. In this case, the father had been supporting her throughout the pregnancy. Although they were no longer a couple, they were friends. The father thought he and the baby’s mother would share joint custody. Instead, the mother had the baby and signed away her rights. She said that she didn’t know who the baby’s father was. You can read the entire story at

Utah’s laws allow women to commit fraud. It’s that simple. In rare situations, such as those of domestic violence, I do think that terminating the father’s rights without his consent is in the best interest of the child. But when you have a father who is ready, willing, and able to parent his child, terminating his rights is most definitely not in the child’s best interest.

In this case, I’m as mad at the adoptive parents as I am at the state of Utah and the baby’s birthmother. They know what’s going on. They know what it’s like to want a child desperately. But instead of doing the right thing, they haven’t even allowed the baby’s father to see Baby Jack. If I knew, within a reasonable amount of time, that the child’s birthfather had been defrauded, then I would return the baby, even though I’m sure it would hurt more than anything. It’s not right.

There are a number of adoption agencies in Utah. Some of them come recommended, usually because Utah adoption laws are so beneficial to adoptive parents. At least one agency routinely induces labor in all of the expectant moms for the convenience of the adoptive parents. Insane!

I wish adoptive parents would boycott Utah agencies. I wish they would push for adoption reform in a state that legalizes kidnapping.

Now, some people will say, “Utah has a putative father registry.” Well, a Virginia man tried that registry. He followed Utah law, and he still doesn’t have his daughter. Furthermore, a putative father registry means registering with the state every time you have sex with a woman. I don’t agree with that practice, but that’s another post.

I truly hope that Jake Strickland gets his son back, and soon. I hope that the adoptive parents do the right thing and at least try to have the situation mediated. I can’t imagine that child growing up and finding out that his birthmother lied and that his birthfather has been wanting him all these years. It’s simply not in his best interests.

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