For Granted

Today, I read a post on Adoptive Families Circle. To sum up, a woman heard a child say, “Mommy look at me!” and the Mommy wasn’t paying attention. The woman wrote that she would love to hear that – she would never take a child’s enthusiasm for granted. A number of people replied that she was right. They practically chastised the mother. People don’t appreciate what they have.

I think all parents get tired. I thank God every night for Jackson. Really. I go into his room, rub his back, cover him up, maybe give him a kiss, and say a little thank you. I’m not always patient during the day. These past couple weeks have been more difficult than most, as our schedules have completely changed. Still, I know we’re lucky and blessed to have Jackson.

But… there is another side to the story.

Perhaps that mother sees a childless woman and thinks, “How lovely it would be to sleep in and not feel guilty. What would it be like to be able to run errands without worrying about being late for school pick up? What a luxury to see an e-Saver and take off.” Parents can’t really do any of that. Parents have to find a baby-sitter before they can go out. They have to worry about their kids practically every moment of every day. It’s hard to take a break when your job description includes “24/7”.

The grass is always greener, isn’t it? Perhaps we should be more tolerant of others’ actions.

One thought on “For Granted

  1. I saw a woman years ago in a bookstore who was openly adversarial with her children. It really boiled my blood, especially with all we were dealing with fertility wise and an adoption that looked to be getting nowhere (but ended up producing our first son almost a year later). I swore I’d never, ever, in a million years be like her and that I would always be grateful for my children unlike Little Miss Entitled over there. Years later, in the same bookstore, I caught myself doing the exact.same.thing and being openly chastised by a man waiting in line. I was somewhere between angry at the man (dude, I’m tired and hungry and my kid is acting out and this is taking forever OMG!) and humbled by the fact that, for an instant, I was that ungrateful woman. It suddenly clicked that we’re only seeing small snippets. I’m grateful, believe me, and show it most of the time, but yeah we get tired, frustrated, touched out, and bored. Moms are human. And sometimes when you’ve heard “mommy look at me!” 24/7 for a few years, you tend to tune it out a bit to save your sanity šŸ™‚

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