First Day of School: Kindergarten Edition

Today was Jackson’s first day of Kindergarten! He’s officially in school now. We picked out his first-day-of-school shirt last week. Initially, I said he didn’t need shoes, but after soccer this Saturday, I noticed that his shoes from this spring are a little rattier than I remembered. We went to Kohl’s and bought him his first pair of tie shoes!

Jackson hates me taking pictures of him, so all I got was attitude.

Jackson and Kasha the tiger in our driveway

In the Driveway

Jackson outside his classroom

Outside the Classroom

The shirt will be the picture day shirt too.

School starts at 8:15. Normally, Max will drop him off. Today, I woke up at 7:30 to be there too. The teachers were kind and let us take a few pictures in the classroom.

Jackson in the classroom

In the Classroom

The school had some snacky breakfasty foods for the parents, so we went over. I said Hello to the two people I know there. Max and I weren’t feeling very social, so we went home. I immediately took a nap. Max had to go back to pick Jackson up at 10:00. Normally, he’ll be in school ’til lunch time.

We have Jackson’s assessment on Friday. They’ll put him into his math, reading, and science groups, and they’ll determine what kind of learner he is. The real school week starts on Monday!

There are about 20 kids in “Primary”. There are kids who are in their first years of Kindergarten and there are also kids who did Kindergarten last year but aren’t quite ready for First Grade yet. Jackson said he made friends with two of them, the “young sixes”. But he doesn’t remember their names.

He said his first day of school was “Great!” Here’s hoping that the rest of them are great too!

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