Last Day

This is Jackson when he started preschool:

Jackson's First Day of School

Jackson's First Day of School

It was July 7, 2008.* He was just shy of 2-1/2. My MOMS Club friends had all told me not to put him in preschool, that he would spend enough of his life in school. So, we tried day care first, with disastrous results. After Jackson got to preschool, he flourished.

We all made new friends – Anika, Nadia, John-Samuel, Cassidy, Logan, DJ, Gillian, D & Persephone to name but a few. We loved this preschool. Jackson had 3 of the same teachers for all 3 years he was there.

On June 28, Jackson and 9 of his friends “graduated”.

Jackson in Graduation Robes

Jackson "Think Think Think"

The robes were just for the pictures. Here’s Jackson getting his Certificate of Completion from his teacher, Ms. Dore.

Jackson Gets His Certificate

Jackson Gets His Certificate

The following day, there was a big party with a jumpy and cupcakes. Many of his friends had their last days that day. About half of the kids in the school leave for the summer. Most of them return in September. This year, the preschool had the largest graduating class since we got there. I wasn’t supposed to work this summer, and Jackson’s last day was supposed to be the last day of June. But I am working (2 contracts, in fact, but that’s another post) so Jackson stayed in for the month of July.

Today, July 28, 2011, was Jackson’s last day of preschool.

Jackson's Last Day of School

Jackson's Last Day of School

He’s 5-1/2 now. He reads a little bit. He does math. His vocabulary is huge. (Well, it was huge when he was 2-1/2 too.) I just can’t believe we’re saying good-bye to this place. I had hoped that Jackson’s baby sister would be ready to go here by now. But life had other plans.

His teachers wanted hugs. And then some of his friends wanted in too.

Hugs for Jackson

Hugs for Jackson

All of the kids pictured are graduates.

I managed not to cry until I had to say good-bye to Miss Devie. Miss Devie was the 2’s & 3’s teacher when Jackson started. She’s the teacher who is there most often in the afternoons. She’s actually Jackson’s favorite teacher. When we were writing thank you notes Jackson said, “When she was happy with me, it helped me feel better, like I was being a good boy.”

So when I hugged her, I started to cry. And then I hugged Ms. Dore and cried. I was rather melancholy all afternoon.

We’re going to miss this place.

* July 7 is a somewhat auspicious day for me. I started working at Netscape on July 7, 1997 and at Oracle NEDC on July 7, 1999.

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