Last Night I Had a Dream

I usually don’t post dreams, either here or on Facebook. But last night’s was just wacky enough that I felt the need to share.

It started out with me becoming the world’s foremost expert on FrameMaker. I was going to get a job in Italy, and my grandfather (who was still alive in this dream) was very proud of me. Oddly, I was still sorting baby girl clothes while I was calling people about the job.

The dream then shifted to a writing class. The class was taught by Dawn Friedman. In addition to the typical students, the class included Betty White, Billy Crystal, Rob Reiner, and Martin Yan.

Martin Yan had had an accident of some sort and his arms were bandaged up behind his back. At the end of the writing class, Dawn made us some sort of sweet and sour chicken. Then, Rob Reiner and Billy Crystal stuck around to give autographs. He drew one student a picture of Norman (the cow from City Slickers) and drew me a picture of the Dinosaur from Danny and the Dinosaur.

The dream abruptly shifted to Washington, DC. Max, Jack, and I were there in some official looking building. We ran into President Obama, which made Jack really happy. President Obama took us on a crazy behind-the-scenes tour of the capital, which included riding through the Library of Congress on an old fashioned fire truck. He bought us all Starbucks drinks. Somehow, the President ended up covered in spaghetti. I told him that I thought he was doing a great job, then told him our health care woes and why I want socialized medicine.

I just thought people might be entertained by this. I woke up feeling particularly crazy.

Aren’t you glad I shared?

Tell me what you think

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