Red Sox

Every year, the Red Sox come to Oakland to play the A’s. Last year, it was in July, and we took Jack to his first professional baseball game.

The 3 of Us at Jack's First Baseball Game (A's vs. Red Sox)

The 3 of Us at Jack's First Baseball Game (A's vs. Red Sox)

This year, the Red Sox came to Oakland early, so we took Jack to his first night game. Our friend Mayhew organized the event, so we had a group of 11 people.

Jack actually did really well. We went mega-early to see batting practice and ate before anyone in our group got there. Jack was just getting restless for the game to start when Hunter and Lakshmi arrived. Jack has decided that he loves Hunter, almost as much as he loves cotton candy.

I wish I could have written down some of the amusing things that were said. I remember one: “No worries! When I play for the Red Sox, I’ll hit the ball all the way out of the stadium!”

Later in the game, Mayhew and The Other Jack were being silly with Jack. Consequently, Jack made it through the whole game, more or less in his seat. The Sox lost in a shut out, but apparently they won today, so it all evens out.

And now, the pictures…

Arriving at Gate C

Arriving at Gate C

Because we arrived very late last year, thanks to a gunman on the BART tracks, we drove to the game, leaving at 4:00 to get there when the gates opened at 5:30 for a 7:05 start.

Hunter and Lakshmi

Hunter and Lakshmi

We attended the game with some of our Silicon Valley friends. These are Hunter and Lakshmi. Aren’t they cute?

Hunter and Jack

Hunter and Jack

Jack decided that he wanted to sit next to Hunter, and cried when Mayhew and the Other Jack showed up to take their seats. When Hunter realized what was wrong, he let Jack sit on his lap for a few innings.

Jack watching the game

Jack Watching the Game

Jack did a fairly decent job of paying attention, given all of the distractions.

Jack's cotton candy hands

Jack's Cotton Candy Hands

Jack LOVES cotton candy, and this stuff came in 4 colors that were 4 different flavors. Can we say “Wired”?

Hunter and Jack with cotton candy

What are you gonna do?

The boy ate half a bag of cotton candy in less than half an inning.

Mayhew, Jack, and the Other Jack

Mayhew, Jack, and the Other Jack

In the later innings, Jack sat on Mayhew’s  lap. Mayhew was sitting next to the Other Jack, and they were all being incredibly silly, especially during the bottom of the eighth inning, which took forever!


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