Family History: Anywhere But Here

Each Tuesday, Dede offers questions or ideas, which hopefully will spark a memory you can write/record so that it can be left for children/grandchildren/family/friends. This week, it’s:

If I could live anywhere, where would it be? Why?

As the subject of the post intimates, today, I would rather live anywhere but here. My house is a shambles. The fumes from the wall texturing have finally made their way to my corner of the couch and are tearing at my throat. Jack had a bad day at school today – after an entire week of no problems! – and was sent home. So, I’m feeling pretty much like a failure.

I was thinking yesterday of what might have been if I hadn’t had CRPS. Specifically, would we still be living in New Hampshire? I’m not 100% sure. We left for 3 reasons:

  • The job  market in NH sucked.
  • My health sucked.
  • My mom’s health sucked.

The first one wouldn’t have mattered as much if I had been well. I probably could have worked rather happily for DocTools through 2004. At that point, management changed, and while I’m sure I could have dealt with it better as a healthy person, I’m not sure I would have been able to continue working for him anyway.

The last one would have mattered a lot. My grandfather died at the end of 2005. If we hadn’t already moved, that might have been a wake up call that we needed to do so. Of course, if I didn’t move here, would my sister and her then-fiance/now-husband have moved to Florida, leaving my parents without a child here? Probably.

But I digress…

Ideally, I’d live in some co-housing community on an island where everything is organically farmed and we can snorkel among the friendly creatures of the ocean. The community’s other inhabitants would be my hand-picked friends (and maybe some family members) who could all work from home thanks to our insanely fast Internet connectivity.

As for a more realistic idea, I would love to winter in California and summer in New Hampshire. Live in New Hampshire from about June 1st through mid-October, then here in California from sometime around Halloween until Memorial Day. That would rock! New Hampshire actually does summer very well, and its falls are world renowned. However, I don’t think people should have to plan their Halloween costume around a ski jacket. As nice as White Christmases are, snow for 4+ months never really did appeal to me. Meanwhile, summer here in Antioch can often be a little slice of hell. It’s HOT. We have a water park and a reservoir, but it’s still HOT.

I suppose that the title of the post is misleading. I wouldn’t mind living here sometimes – although I’d rather live closer to the ocean. But I would also love to be away from here sometimes.

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