Family History: Sports

Jack at His First Baseball Game

Jack at His First Baseball Game (July 2010)

Each Tuesday, Dede offers question(s) or idea(s) about family history. This week, the questions are:

Do/did you play sports? Do you like to watch them? Any special memories regarding sports in your life?

This seems like a perfect time to direct you to one of my two newspaper columns, Sports Wife. I wrote it the week before I married Max. It’s one of my better pieces of writing, and I highly recommend it.

I played basketball from 5th through 8th grade. I wasn’t very good, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It’s rare that I enjoy something I’m not good at, but I liked basketball.

After I got together with Max, I pretty much realized I had to like sports. Fortunately, I like watching baseball live and I can handle watching football on TV. I love the Olympics, summer and winter!

This past summer, we took Jack to his first baseball game – A’s vs. Red Sox. We were rooting for the Red Sox.

Jack is getting to be a sports fan too. He always wants to know who’s winning. He has a lot of questions to ask, and I find myself having to answer them sometimes. It’s a good thing I was paying attention when Max taught me!

This weekend, we’ll be rooting for the Steelers!


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