Fare Thee Well

Lowell & Robyn

My Uncle Lowell and I at my 16th birthday party

My Uncle Lowell passed away last weekend, January 23. He was 78. It was very sudden. Uncle Lowell was my Dad’s oldest sister’s husband. They have four sons – Vern, Mike, Joe, and David. Vern and Joe are fairly local, while Mike lives in Texas with his wife and two kids and David lives in Oregon with his family. My Aunt Wallie and Uncle Lowell live(d) in Fairfield, which is about an hour away.

As a child, I remember going to Aunt Wallie & Uncle Lowell’s. Uncle Lowell was a geologist. In fact, I only found out today that his work was not geology, but at the oil refinery. I always thought he was a geologist by profession. Anyway, Uncle Lowell had a whole room devoted to his rocks. He used to give Ann and me rocks – I have an amethyst, a small sapphire, a quartz crystal, and I think Ann got a really tiny opal in a vial, as well as a geode. We really loved the rock room, though it was a bit spooky.

Uncle Lowell was corny as all get out. He loved to tell the same silly jokes – all. the. time. But he could be genuinely funny, and he was truly a Nice Guy ™. He and my aunt raised four great guys.

My Dad, Max, Jackson, and I all went to Uncle Lowell’s memorial service today. All four of the boys were there, as were most of the grandkids. I forgot my camera. At a Matoney event (Mom’s side) forgetting your camera just means that you have to convince Aunt Carol to send you the contents of her camera’s memory card. At a Nace event, apparently no one remembers a camera. (I do think my Aunt Terry got a few pictures.) I did have my cell phone, so I took some blurry pictures with it. I’m going to share them here. You can click a thumbnail to get a bigger picture.


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