Another One Bites the Dust… But Two More Look Promising

Adoption Associates Inc (MI): Doesn’t work with gay and lesbian parents. I know we’re neither gay nor lesbian, but we don’t want to patronize an agency that discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation. Of course, we may not have much of a choice. So I requested an information packet. *@*(^* principles!

I got their info packet today. They have many requirements for adoptive parents. They also require parents to attend a consultation in Michigan.

Family to Family (TX): Works mostly with families in TX. I wrote that I didn’t like the tone of their web site. Either they changed it, or my ideas have changed, because I don’t hate it now. Might want to contact them…

It was their PDF content that I didn’t like. Very presumptuous. Texas also has additional fingerprint requirements, plus we don’t really want to go to Texas. Travel = money.

One World Adoption Services (FL): I actually have to call this one. I forgot.

I did call, and the woman was very nice. Apparently, there aren’t any fees up-front, so that helps. On the other hand, all of their adoptions are in FL, so that means travel. But, FL allows you to finalize over the phone, so it’s just the one trip. And, you know, Florida has Disney World and Harry Potter. So, I sent them our home study.

Nightlight Adoption: Hasn’t returned my email messages, but I’m going to call them.

I did call, and talked to a woman for 49 minutes. The upfront fee is high ($1000), but their overall fees fall within our budget. Almost all of their adoptions are in CA, which means little to no travel, and no  ICPC. The woman was honest in telling me that wanting a girl will mean a longer wait.

So, we did get something accomplished today.

Now, I’m going to print out a birthday banner and goody bag labels.

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