So Many Agencies… And Yet

I may have mentioned (several times) that we tried to sign with Pact, then they decided not to allow parents to specify gender. Since then, I’ve been researching agencies and other adoption professionals, trying to find someone who meets our requirements, and we theirs. As a way of remembering what I’ve done, I thought I’d write a blog post about all the adoption service providers I’ve looked into.

I started with the list of Agencies That Receive Compliments that I posted on our (now strictly professional) web site.

  • ABC Adoptions (VA): No longer do domestic adoptions.
  • Abrazzo Adoption Associates (TX): Requires adoptive parents to be infertile.
  • Adoption Access (TX): Charges different fees based on the race of the child, aka practices racial discounting.
  • Adoption Advisory (TX): Doesn’t allow parents to specify gender, and doesn’t like completely open adoptions. They also practice racial discounting.
  • Adoption ARC (PA): Charges an agency fee of $23,000, plus another $3,500 for the legal. That doesn’t include travel.
  • Adoption Associates Inc (MI): Doesn’t work with gay and lesbian parents. I know we’re neither gay nor lesbian, but we don’t want to patronize an agency that discriminates on the basis of sexual orientation. Of course, we may not have much of a choice. So I requested an information packet. *@*(^* principles!
  • Adoption Bridges of Kentucky: Currently charges $27,000 for domestic adoption.
  • Adoption By Gentle Care (OH): Works only with Ohio birthmothers.
  • Adoption By Shepherd Care (FL): Actually, I can’t remember what the problem with this one is. So, it’s a good thing I’m going back through these.
  • Adoption Choice (WI): Hasn’t emailed me back, though I’ve emailed them twice.
  • Adoption Circle (OH): Requires attendance at orientation in Columbus, OH.
  • Adoptions From the Heart (PA): Doesn’t allow parents to specify gender.
  • Adoptions Together: Primarily places infants from the DC area, which can get pricey with travel and ICPC. Still, it’s worth noting.
  • Adoptions with Love (MA): Only works with MA families.
  • American Adoptions (KS): Doesn’t work with gay and lesbian parents.
  • American Adoptions (MI): Practices racial discounting, as well as charges a $3000 fee for specifying gender.
  • A Bond of Love (FL): Hasn’t emailed me back.
  • Bundle of Hope (FL): Doesn’t work with gay and lesbian parents.
  • CASI Foundation for Children (ID): The only problem with this agency is that they’re in Idaho. I think I’ll talk with them further about the locations of the birthmothers.
  • Childplace (IN): Prefers Church of Christ members.
  • Children’s Connections (TX): Serves Texas families.
  • Children’s Home Society (MO): Is in MO. This means travel costs.
  • Christian Adoption Services (NC): Prefers to place children in NC.
  • The Cradle (IL): Total fees are somewhere around $30,000.
  • Family Resource Center (IL): Doesn’t allow parents to specify gender.
  • Family to Family (TX): Works mostly with families in TX. I wrote that I didn’t like the tone of their web site. Either they changed it, or my ideas have changed, because I don’t hate it now. Might want to contact them…
  • Friends in Adoption (VT): Requires parents to attend orientation in VT, and doesn’t allow parents to specify gender.
  • Gladney Center for Adoption (TX): Practices racial discounting.
  • A Guardian Angel (UT): I was completely turned off by this sentence from their web site, “The social work staff will work closely with the nursing staff to insure the birth mother is ready to sign.”
  • Hands to Hold (OK): We’ve signed with.
  • Heart of Adoptions (FL): Doesn’t work with gay or lesbian parents, and May practice racial discounting. **Update, 9/23/2013: Heart of Adoptions now works with gay and lesbian parents.**
  • Heart to Heart Adoptions (UT): Practices racial discounting.
  • Heaven Sent Adoptions: We’ve signed with.
  • Independent Adoption Center (CA): Doesn’t allow parents to specify gender.
  • Keane Center (MI): Works with Michigan families only.
  • Kids First Adoption (IN): New to domestic adoptions, and most birthmothers are in IN and KY.
  • Little Bit of Heaven (OH): We’ve signed with.
  • Lutheran Family and Children’s Services of Missouri: Is in MO. This means travel costs.
  • Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota: Works with Minnesota families only.
  • Lutheran Social Services of Texas: Works with Texas families only.
  • Methodist Mission Home (TX): Charges $26,500.
  • Morning Star Adoption (MI): Serves Michigan families.
  • New Beginnings: Offers international adoptions only.
  • One World Adoption Services (FL): I actually have to call this one. I forgot.
  • An Open Door (GA): Most of the birthmothers are in GA, which means travel costs.
  • Pact (CA): Doesn’t allow parents to specify gender.
  • PLAN Loving Adoptions Now: Stopped providing domestic adoption services.
  • Project Cuddle: We’re probably going to apply to be a rescue family. I have to call our home study agency to ask a few questions about legal matters.
  • Special Link (NC): Almost all of their placements are in the Southeast.
  • Spence-Chapin (NY): Works with NY families only.
  • Transitions Adoption (PA): Only works with 5 families at a time.
  • Vista Del Mar (CA): Only works with local families.
  • Wide Horizons for Children: Only works with families in New England & New York.
  • WACAP (WA): Doesn’t allow parents to specify gender.

Then I looked into professionals in California.

  • Chicks In Crisis: Is a possibility, but they place far more boys than girls.
  • Heartsent Adoptions: Didn’t return my phone calls.
  • Chrysalis House: Doesn’t get many birthmothers, but will be happy to add us to their waiting families list.
  • Women’s Health Specialists: Don’t allow parents to specify gender.
  • Sacramento Adoption Center: I’m not sure if I’ve ever encountered such a rude individual outside of ANLC.
  • AdoptHelp: Is very, very expensive.
  • Nightlight Adoption: Hasn’t returned my email messages, but I’m going to call them. (10/25/2012, Edited to add: We would have signed with them if we hadn’t matched with Cassie’s birthmother.)
  • Adoption Consultants Inc: I’m going to call our home study agency about her. I can’t find anything bad about her on the Internet, which makes me suspicious. I’m so jaded. (10/25/2012, Edited to add: We did sign with her. We were on the books for 2 months when we matched with Cassie’s birthmother.)
  • Adopt-Now: I have read that they’re rather hit or miss. Sometimes they’re excellent, sometimes they’re really not. I keep an eye on their available situations page.

And I’ve been looking at other agencies and professionals that I’ve seen recommended.

  • A Bundle of Joy: Doesn’t allow parents to specify gender. 10/25/2012: They do sometimes. I very much liked Kenya and Martine.
  • Open Adoption & Family Services (OR/WA): Doesn’t get a lot of (or any) African American birth parents.
  • Beacon House (MA): Practices racial discounting. Also, their materials are a bit offensive.

9 thoughts on “So Many Agencies… And Yet

  1. This is a wonderful list of adoption agencies. We are currently trying to choose an agency to work with. We are homestudy approved in Virginia. Please take a look at our website and if you know of anyone thinking about adoption, please give them our website. We are open to a private adoption with Openness.

  2. Have you looked at Bethany? I haven’t used them so I don’t know their costs or if they offer discounts but they might fit your requirements.

    I was also going to recommend AdoptHelp knowing many people who have used them but didn’t realize they were expensive.
    We paid less the $20k but they only work in TX.

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  5. Hi, just wanted to update that Heart of Adoptions does work with same sex couples now. In case anyone stumbles upon this like I did 🙂

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