Our Five Year Old Boy

Yesterday was Jack’s 5th birthday. We’re not having his party until the end of the month. However, he did get two Transformers from Mommy & Daddy to find and play with. We went pottery painting in the afternoon, and then to Fresh Choice, Jack’s favorite restaurant.

We gave him his presents by hiding them and telling him “warmer” and “colder”. When he found his first Transformer, his whole face lit up, “Ratchet! Thank you Mom!” It was really heartwarming. I like choosing the right thing.

Several people called to wish Jack a Happy Birthday while we were out. We’ll call them back later today, I hope. Tomorrow at the latest.

Jack’s school is having the kids bring in pictures of themselves from previous years, so I made a little scrapbook page.

5 pictures of Jack

And here is our FIVE year old:

Painting Pottery Posing with a friend


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