Latest News from the Chittister Household

The latest news is, the Chittister household is very messy! Many of my friends and family have been requesting add-on pictures, and I will post some this weekend. We now have a room with wooden walls, and our dining room has an L-shape cut out of the ceiling. Firefly figured out how to get in there. Silly kitty!

Still no news on the adoption front. I need to update a few of our profile pics with pics from Christmas, and I want to polish up our small profile. I don’t like it as much as I could. It could be better. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know. Oh, but it all has to be in color.

I have a new gig! I’ve been a contractor for Avanquest, the company for which I was a full-time writer. They’re light on projects at this time of year. Out of the blue, a wonderful recruiter called me and asked if I could interview for a short-term, immediate contract in Sacramento. The client wanted someone on-site, but that’s 70+ miles away, so I said no. After they saw my resume, they thought they might be able to accommodate me being off-site, so I interviewed. I really thought they were going to pass, because of the off-site thing. And I was bummed, because I really  liked the client and the people with whom I’d be working. But I got the gig! I had to be in Sacramento today and have to be there again tomorrow, but after that, I don’t necessarily need to be on-site. I really like the people I’m working with, and I’m sorry that Sac isn’t closer. Hopefully, they’ll be happy with my work and want to continue.

In fact, the recruiter comes from a company, and I’m an employee now! This is a Good Thing ™. Although I truly like my Avanquest manager, I’m concerned about their lack of projects since a sort of re-org this past spring. It will be good to have more irons in the fire. The recruiter I’m working with is terribly  nice and efficient too.

I’m going to finish with a story from Max:

Max and Jack were watching Transformers Animated. The character Bumblebee said that the human Sari had “followed me home”, so Max said, “Can I keep her?” just before Bumblebee did. Jack thought that this made Daddy smart. In fact, when Max recounted the story to me, I told Jack, “See? Daddy’s smart!” Jack replied, “He’s friggin’ cool!”

Now, I know the use of the term “friggin'” is controversial, but Jack’s use in this instance really was, well, friggin cool!

Our little boy is getting bigger every day!

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