Christmas with Some Pictures

I finally downloaded the pictures from the camera to the computer, and it seems that my computer is no longer randomly dropping my Internet connection. So, I can share a few photos of Christmas.

Our plans were derailed a bit by illness. Max got sick first, about 1-1/2 weeks after Thanksgiving. He went to the doctor this past Monday, and it turns out he has a double ear infection. Jack has had a cough since around December 12. It wasn’t getting any better, so we took him to his fabulous pediatrician. Dr. Singer told us that Jack has “a little bit of pneumonia”. O… K… So he’s been on antibiotics and breathing treatments since Thursday. (Jack is really good about taking medicine.) Jack’s doctor told me I should call my doctor. She was off for the holiday, but she did say it would probably be a good idea for me to be on antibiotics as well. I got the cough a few days after Jack did, you see. Under normal circumstances, I’m not one for random medication. But it seemed best in this case. And I actually do feel better.

Well, that was longer than I intended it to be. Anyway, we’re all on the mend, though we’re all a little slow, tired, and cranky.

We didn’t get to go to church on Christmas Eve, which was a big bummer. We also didn’t get to stop at the cemetery to see my  Mom. I know for a fact she wouldn’t have wanted me to drag a sick Jack out there in the mist and cold, so I don’t feel too guilty about that.

Jack and his airportChristmas itself was also cold and rainy, which it often is here in CA. Jack woke up and he opened his “big present” – the Lego airport. We started putting it together, then I made a Starbucks run. Just after I got back, my Dad and Grandma came over with even more presents. I convinced Jack to stand in front of the tree with the presents for a picture, then the present distribution began. All the presents under the tree

Jack was spoiled, as usual. He took everything in stride, and even told us we should open presents before he finished opening his. He received dozens of books, several Lego flying crafts, the Trio Batcave, his own gardening tools (from Grandpa Bob of course), three shirts, a superhero cape, and some craft items. Max noticed that we didn’t get any toys that make noise, so people must really like us this year.

Jack opening presentsJack’s behavior post-present wasn’t quite so good. He was tired and cranky, and Daddy was cooking, Mommy was getting the table ready and preparing snacks for the grandparents, Grandpa Bob was playing solitaire, and Great-Grandma was trying to engage Jack to no avail. We had “dinner” at 1 pm, and Jack went down for a nap immediately afterward.

At Jack’s request, Max put together all of his Lego objects, including the 700 piece airport. Jack was very happy with his gifts, and there were no tantrums about them at all. (Not that he usually throws tantrums, but he’s been very cranky with being ill, as one might expect.)

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