I’m not sure how many people read, or even know about, this blog at this point. However, anyone who has been here before has probably noticed some changes, and more are in store.

I started this blog to keep my family updated about Jack. That’s still going on.

In November, we turned this blog into one that expectant parents can look at to learn more about us. I’m going to be improving on that purpose after the new year.

I’ve been writing at LiveJournal since 2004. I’m thinking that I’m going to let my paid account lapse and do more of my writing here. A lot of my writing focuses on Jack and family anyway.

In February 2009, I started blogging at I recently chose to leave that site. However, I miss writing about adoption in general, and I have a lot of ideas I never got to use. So, I’m planning on writing those kind of posts here too.

If you want to know exactly when this blog is updated, scroll down and look at the right. There’s a “Subscribe” section. You can subscribe to the blog to get alerts in your email, your browser, or you can use Google Reader. That way, you will never miss a post. We all know how horrible that would be.

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