Thanksgiving In Pennsylvania

Happy Cyber Monday!

Max, Jack, and I were all in Pittsburgh, PA for Thanksgiving, visiting Max’s parents. We had a lovely time! Well, for the most part. Jack was getting a little cranky at times, lack of sleep, lots of sugar, and all that noise.

We arrived on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. We only had a few minutes to make our plane change in Charlotte, but we did it!

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we all just hung around the house. Sandy started the cooking, and she and Jack made chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin pie. (I wonder if there’s any pie left… I’ll have to check when I’m done posting this.) Jack, Grandpa Clyde, and I also played outdoors. For the record, temps were in the 30s. Jack kept saying he wasn’t cold. Max is proud – he thinks he’s raising an East Coast Boy.

On Saturday, I insisted that we go to the Carnegie Science Center. Jack’s favorite part? The fact that the Science Center is across the street from Heinz Field, where the Pittsburgh Steelers play. (Grandma got Jack a stuffed dog, whom he named Steeler, too.) Jack also liked the sports science portion of the center, where he got to race Daddy and spin with me. I got him and Max to pose in front of the painting of Neptune, Jack’s favorite planet. Oh! And there’s an earthquake simulator. Apparently, they call the Loma Prieta Quake of 1989, the “World Series Quake”. Weird. Anyway, Jack was totally unimpressed by the earthquakes. California Boy!

Sunday morning, we went to breakfast with Max’s friend Mark. Then, Max and Grandpa went into the attic and unearthed a bunch of Max’s old toys. Jack is now the proud owner of several dozen Transformers, a few Go-Bots, and some Star Wars Micro Collection toys. (We think we might sell the original 1977 Storm Trooper, because he’s worth $50.)

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Here’s to Christmas!



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