Family History: Childhood Traditions

This week, Dede asks:

Describe one of your childhood family traditions!

I like this one! We didn’t have a lot of traditions in our family. The one I really remember is Christmas Eve. When I was very little, I remember going to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I must have been 3 or 4, because my Grandma Missestoney died in 1980, when I turned 5. At that time, they had this sprawling ranch house with a fireplace that connected two rooms. They had an eat-in kitchen, and a dining room. The dining room was a step up from the formal living room. We were at the dining room table, and there was a cake. We got to sing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus, and then either my sister or I got to blow out the candle. I remember that the youngest got to do it, but I think Ann was too young to blow the candle out, so I did it. I have one picture of this tradition, and I treasure it.

Even after Grandma Missestoney died, we continued to have Christmas Eve dinner – after the kids’ Mass at church, we’d go back to my parents’ house and have sandwiches. Somewhere along the way, we lost singing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus.

I’ve been trying to follow that tradition with Jack. This year, we’ll have Christmas here, so I think we’ll be able to. I’m considering inviting friends over, because I’m pretty sure that the grandparents won’t drive out here in the dark, and I’m not so keen on going to Pleasant Hill that night. I’d like to share this tradition with my friends.

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