October Soccer

I haven’t really been blogging about soccer, have I? Jack is really loving soccer! He keeps saying that he wants to play soccer until he’s a “grown-up” and then he’ll “be a coach”. His last soccer game was on the 23rd. Although they technically don’t keep score, his team only scored one goal. There was one kid on the team who was really amazing! He’s the one who scored the goal. Jack found his niche late in the season as a defender. He hangs back by the goal and tries to stop the other team from scoring. According to one of the coaches, he stopped five goals in one game. That’s pretty cool!

With regards to Jack and soccer, I want to be proud of him and let him know that I’m proud of him. But on the other hand, I don’t want him to go around bragging. I should probably just pump him up, you know? But then there are all these studies that say encouraging kids too much is bad for them. Friggin’ parenting experts.

With no further ago, here are a few pictures of Jack playing soccer. I took 635 of them, actually.


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