A Few Cousin Pictures

We were in New England for 10 days. My cousin Jen got married in Rhode Island, then we went up to New Hampshire.

On the plane ride over, we started out with Max, my dad, Great-Grandma, Jack, and me. On our way into the airport, Jack remembered that we forgot his booster seat! We hadn’t gone very far yet, so I was able to run back and get it without any hassle. The kid has a better memory than any adult I know.

We were actually quite early to the airport – a big improvement over our last two airport debacles. Jack and my grandmother saw the plane’s captain. For some reason, Jack told the guy that we were adopting a baby sister. The captain said, “Oh, that’ll be different.” Jack said, “No, she’ll be brown, just like me.” My grandmother got a big kick out of that.

In Phoenix, we changed planes, and met up with my Aunt Carol & Uncle Jon, Aunt Sue & Uncle Bruce, and cousins Tyler, Scott, and Jake.  Jack’s favorite person was his cousin Jake. He always wanted to be with Jake. Fortunately, Jake was really sweet about the whole thing. All of the relatives helped to entertain Jack on the way over. It was really quite lovely.

My sister and her kids were in Rhode Island. Jack has decided that Orion is his “good friend”. Orion was adorable! He kept saying “Sharing is caring”. I’m sure it made sense in context. Cyrus is such a big kid! He’s only 2, but he’s big and beefy. And also adorable, of course.

Jack, Orion, and I went to a park with my Dad on the day of the wedding. We just wanted to get the kids out of the hotel room. Cyrus didn’t come because we couldn’t fit three seats in the back of our car. Jack loves to pretend to be a dog, so, Orion threw a stick and Jack ran after it. The boys both insisted that I take videos of them, too. We were pretty late back to the hotel, thanks in large part to a rotary. I hate rotaries. Oh, and the slowest Friendly’s in all of New England. The kids really wanted ice cream, too, so I let them eat it in the car. Not too messy, thank goodness!

Anyway… without further ado, here are some pictures of Jack with his cousins.

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