Now All We Need Is the Baby

This post was originally published on on September 9, 2010. Republished here with permission.

Right Side of the Closet of Clothes

Right Side of the Closet of Clothes

We were matched with Jack’s birthmother at the same time that my friend Annemarie was cleaning out her storage. She had a 2-year old girl, and we knew S was having a boy, but she still gave us all of her daughter’s gender neutral clothes. The deal was: I’d write her name on the tags. Anything that survived Jack’s infancy would go to another mutual friend, who would then send anything back to Annemarie. It was a really great plan.

Now that we’re pursuing the adoption of a baby girl, Annemarie has two girls’ worth of clothes (and cloth diapers) to pass on. At the beginning of this year, our friend Helen cleaned out her garage and gave us three large garbage bags of clothes and nursery decor. Next, our friend Melissa decided to regain some of her sanity and pass on the toys her three kids had outgrown. Then, our friend Christy started purging her daughters’ old clothes, and gave me a couple of boxes of choice clothing. Meanwhile, our friend Kelly’s mother was moving, and was getting rid of an entire roomful of baby items. And Kelly herself decided she could part with her daughter’s baby stuff, including two car seats and a changing table.

At one point, it looked like Fisher-Price exploded in our garage. A friend of mine has a 1-year old boy and is expecting a girl, so I did the Annemarie thing and passed on a great deal of the clothes and toys. However, we still have several large storage bins of clothes, books, toys, and miscellany. (My criteria was, if I would cry if I didn’t get it back, I kept it.) The best of the items are in the closet of what will be the baby’s room, but what is now my office. My mother-in-law visited last week, went to hang something in the closet, and was confronted by a full rack of clothes, plus some bags packed with socks, onesies, and the aforementioned cloth diapers.

So, we have clothes. We have toys. We have two carriers, two car seats, two baby gyms, and one baby bathtub. We have a high chair, a changing table, a dresser, a cabinet, and shelves.

Now, all we need is the baby…

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