Oakland Zoo (and Max’s Birthday)

So, Jack and I finally went to the Oakland Zoo. We went with some friends who have a membership. I haven’t been since I was a kid. It’s a lot smaller than I remember. Also on a big hill. I don’t remember that.

We had to see the bats first. Jack’s going to be a bat for Halloween. The bats they had were friggin’ huge! Flying foxes. I’d share, but Max is afraid of bats, and I like him to read the blog too.

For the most part, the kids were really good. The ride home was a bit fussy. Jack got a snake – he knows that the way to get me to buy him a stuffed animal is to tell me that another stuffed animal needs a family. In this case, he said Homer, the large green boa constrictor who belonged to my Mom, needed a family. So he got a snake, whom he named Hissy. Then his friend accidentally ripped out the tongue. Fortunately, I have fabric glue. Hissy will make a full recovery.

So, today was Max’s birthday, so we gave him a day to himself. We were all supposed to go to dinner, but Jack was way too tired after the zoo. Our neighbor was happy to watch him, and Max and I had a dinner together. Alone. To talk about things adults talk about. I’m not sure when that last happened.

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